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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Because Of The Force...

We were loitering along the laboratory's corridor after our teabreak. The recess was still going on. From no where, appeared our PK HEM (Penolong Kanan Hal-Ehwal Murid), passed by the corridor. She asked us...

PKHEM : "Apasal you orang buat kat sini?"

Charles : "Oh, nanti kena kawad dekat tapak perhimpunan." (We have to march every morning and 5 minutes before entering the class. Specially 'thanks' to our discipline teacher's idea)

PKHEM : "Hari ini tak yah kawad. itu tapak perhimpunan tengah bikin itu tiang bendera." (Our school is fixing 3 flag posts. To avoid any accident, she cancelled the whole marching for today only)"

We : "Oh... OK lah. Bagus." *happy*

PKHEM : *going to her office*

Not long later, a voice shouting from 1st floor...

Sound : "HOOI! AKU SUDAH SURUH BERAPA KALI? NAK I SURUH YOU KAWAD BARU KAWAD KE?" *the voice is from the discipline teacher*

We : "Kena beratur ke?"


We : "went to kawad*

PKHEM : *came out from her office*

PKHEM and DT : *discussing something*

Not long later...

DT : *came to the tapak perhimpunan* *head to us* *threatening Charles* "Aku sudah cakap berapa kali? Setiap hari, 5 minute sebelum kelas, mesti kawad di sini. You tak dengar kah? Huh?!"

Charles : "Bukan saya lah." *very innocent*

DT : "Bukan you, habis siapa lagi? Saya sudah cakap. 2 minggu. Dua. Yi, er (trying to show of his mandarin lah). You pekak kah?......" *grumbling and grmbling*


DT : *slapped on Charles backside*

Everyone : *ROTFLMAO*

yes, it is pathetic to see such case happened. I don't know why must we march during the school hour. Why people must show of his power? He get anything? Particularly, everyone follows his order, but won't he just thinks that we are actually having some conflicts with him? Yes, we aren't satisfy with these type of 'aristocration' ruling system. Why can't we all having a 'democracy' ruling system?


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