Kiasi aka Kiasi-ism

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I'm So Kiasi!!!

My classmate was discussing what to have for lunch this afternoon. And they decided to call a postman to tarpow for them. They ordered totally 6 packets of Nasi Pattaya. I called the postman to add one more for me. And as usual, their (my classmates) characters make me so pissed off. The stupid postman just said, ‘You want to buy, you just go and buy for yourself lah.” OK, I was used to it already.

I was being a kiasi all the time. I quietly went to the Malays stall nearby. I called the ‘Mak Nyeh’ (dunno he or she also) get me one packet also. I called her to tambah one more egg for me. After that, I enjoyed the Nasi Pattaya at home by myself. See the way I entertained and advised myself? I’m so KIASI.


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