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Thursday, June 23, 2005


May I be the first to post the PPS result:

Blog Of The Year - Kenny Sia
Neophyte Of The Year - Simon
Ping Of The Year - Jeff Ooi


  • At 11:01 PM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    Wah, your news so fast hor?

  • At 11:10 PM, Blogger Jason said…

    Congrats to Kenny!
    Congrats to Simon!
    Congrats to Jeff!

    Kenny, your coconuts can upgrade to durian already!!
    Simon, perhaps you can blog about top ten reasons why I won the award!!

    Congratulations guys!

    Yaloh, from me one mah!!
    I got my news from JXT2J.
    He got the news from Yee Pei.

  • At 11:12 PM, Blogger Wingz said…

    kih kih kih !!!!

  • At 11:35 PM, Blogger thquah said…

    Was waiting patiently for someone to post the results,lol
    thanks MrKiasi and hope you don't Kiasu

  • At 12:09 AM, Blogger kiasi said…

    5xMom : Sure fast lah. Ampu bodek mah.

    Jason : Wonder when my mango will export to the world.

    wingz : wait till next year and see. This year tak kira.

    thquah : welcome. But sometimes we must also be kiasi and kiasu also mah.

  • At 3:37 AM, Blogger RaY7 said…

    Go Kenny Go...

    Kenny die hard fan

  • At 11:43 PM, Blogger CLF said…

    Hahahaha... I voted 3 of them. :D

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