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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Teamwork, any? ... (1)

I just like to do things by myself, rather than depend on the others or soi-dissant 'partner' with others. I go pasar malam by my own, go mamak and eat by my own, study by my own, shopping by my own... The thing is, why should we have teamwork?

Many people think teamwork is the best, as you can solve things easily, solve things happily, and also solve things quickly. The first thing is, I think what are they thinking is just among the 1% of them. I don't really see we can do things easily. I don't really see we can do things happily. And I don't really see we can do things quickly. Why those philosophers came out all these things wan?

People ought to make themselves being noticed in an organization or a group. Nevertheless, some of them try to act HEROes. They lead without realize themselves are just small soldiers. the lead with their own stupid ideas, shouting like baboons, pinpointing here and there... and thus, others aren't satisfy and the whole organization quarrelled. Is this what we call 'happily'?

I wasn't realize this interesting topic until I came across a gathering at KLCC last Saturday. We planned to arrive there at 10.30 a.m. Ended up, a girl, JUST BECAUSE OF A GIRL, woke up at 10.00 a.m., I repeat, 10.00 A.M., and we have to empty our stomach to wait for her, I repeat again, EMPTY STOMACH. We have to take the pictures for our stupid school magazine's gallary, and we can't take when one was lefted out. In fact, 2 was lefted out. They were having fever at that time, and then the whole gathering was cancelled, I repeat my last time, CANCELLED. WTF is this? Just because of the 2? hey c'mon lah. Adobe Reader was found and we cannot do photoshop wan meh? Just left the 2? Easy lah. Just superimpose it lah. What the heck so mah-fan, until the gathering must be cancelled? After the gathering was cancelled, and have our lunch at there (our lunch was A&W, kay?), and then those group of people (11 people) were discussing whether want to go home or not. Here's the excerpt conversation...

Charles : "So now how? Want to go home anot?"
H (girl) : "Go home? Wait first ah... let me think first... eh E, want to go home anot?"
E (girl) : "Go home? Eiyer... *high frequency voice* go home also nothing to do? Just stay here and walk for a while lah."
H : "Ok loh, just walk here for a while loh."
E : "But walk for what ah? Got anything to buy meh?"
H : "Just see see only mah."
E : "See see only ah? Wait first ah... got what thing to see leh???" *think for 2 minutes* "Oh... yahor... I want to see got the Cadbury Chocolate anot first."
H : "OK also."
E : "But got money ah?"
H : "Got got. Left RM2 only."
E : "Eiyer... *high frequency voice* only RM2 ah? Wait we still have to buy lolipop wan leh?"
H : "Yaloh... the lolipop was so tasty lah......"
Boys : *dumbfucked*

Aren't we were discussing whether want to go back anot?...

Mike : "OK lah, like this lah. Who wants to go back? Maybe we'll go back to my house first, and then use my car, and go to a place."
Girls : "Where?"
Mike : "Ma-lai-can-San (Bukit Belacan)."
Girls : "Where is it? Go there for what?"
Mike : "Go there swim lah, can swim wan. Got mountain got water."
H : "Eeeee...... Yuppeee........ can go swimming. I want I want!"
E : "I also want. I like swimming very much, I like swimming very much."
H : "I also, I also. I remember the last time I swim is about 1 month ago......" *continue story*
Boys : *dumbfucked once again*

Ended up, we discussed the question, "Whether want to go back anot?" for 45 minutes. And at last, we can go back home peacefully. Just say "yes" a word so susah wan meh? What for want to take so long and pissed people off?

So as a result? What for teamwork? Definitely people will not be interested in a topic, and started to go out of a topic. Come on lah, everything we learn in our Moral Education just works different from our real life.

......part 2 coming up next......


  • At 4:20 PM, Anonymous mohsen said…

    hi dear friend
    i saw that you have been intoo my blog i am from iran. and my weblog was persian
    please write about malaysaia

  • At 5:34 PM, Anonymous jacking said…

    Wah, MrKiasi, Your blog is so cool that Iranian now read too. Very good and keep up your blog. One thing, teamwork happens when a work can't be done individually. That's a fact. Learn to work in a team. It'll save lots of problems in future. Cheers.

  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger Jason said…

    Thats the problem when we are going out with a group of people. As you can see, my Cameron Highlands holiday trip only 4 people. Why? Because I think 4 people is a very good number. At first, we wanted to call another 4 people, more people more fun mah~! But then all ended up with various LAME excuses.

    Besides, when go out with more people, you have to wait for everyone to slumber finish. You have to wait for everyone to finish with their stuff. You have to come to a decision which everyone agrees. Bull shit~! So ma fan!

    See, my trip, 4 ppl, all like to eat, all easy going, i make decision bout food, another bout trip, another bout money. Enuff said. Easy and simple...

    That also explains why i go movie alone. My housemates say busy lah, not 2n9 lah, next week lah, got lab lah, tomorrow 8am class lah, this movie not nice lah. When they agree to go, have to wait for them to prepare pulak. Remember last time they say go Muar eat ikan bakar, say depart at 6PM. We all ended up leaving the house at 8.30PM.

    Haih, actually its not about team work. Its about their slumber-ness.

  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger Dark Kai said…

    Yo dude... Thought you left for good. Say lah change site. And yah girls are troublesome.

  • At 6:47 PM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    Some people are born leader and some people are not. Life is like that. Either be a leader or don't follow. Kehkehkeh, bekas pengerusi of almost every kelab I belong to including the editorial board la, head prefect la, english society la.

    BTW, you may enjoy the quiz link on Always WOW site. Go take the test and you will understand your 'management' style.

  • At 9:43 PM, Blogger emotionalistic said…

    Haha....not only that. Sometimes when come to deciding where to eat also can take up to an hour. I also think it is such a waste of time but what to do?? Sometimes must go out with friends to entertain a bit also. I am sure not only your team members are like that but your friends are like that also, right??

  • At 11:41 PM, Blogger Fabian said…

    Eh... Harlow. Thought you have disappeared for good. But when I see your link from jason, I am overwhelmed with joy. Next time please inform me when you wanna change your destination. I am quite slow in catching up ler.

    Teamwork can be sucky at sometimes especially when there are cocky fellas around. So what the f**k? Leave the group or pick someone that match your "sam sui" one lor.

  • At 9:46 AM, Blogger invisible sheen said…

    haha...i experience it too. last trip i went to KL the bus was leaving at 8.30am...den got one trip member who woke up at 8am..and it was a girl oso..u know how slow some girls can be when dey wake up and have to prepare n stuff..i was so damn anxious man,lucky we made it.
    well,when i study,i prefer going solo cos it's just so hard wif teamwork...every1 has to be on the same parents oso disagree wif studying in team. but my sis likes oh. different ppl different needs gua..

  • At 10:43 AM, Blogger Young Brat said…

    haha...i agree with jason. Usually i only choose to fren with those who can either make up their mind fast or agree-able guy. in other word, either they make decision quick or agree with me. No deli-dali here. If wana do sumting, mus do it there..No wait and excuse.

    But hv to realize aso, this world not all is the same. There are many ppl out there wit different mindset.

    Some work need to be done in group or team la..if not, u r going to suffer and carry the burden alone. This can make u insane and die. Mayb u stil haven't 'taste' it, but wen u hv dat big burden, u'l know teamwork is good..

  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    mohsen : From Iran? Want to know more about Malaysia? Can, can. I'll post about Malaysia after this.

    jacking : I realize one thing. The problem wasn't in me, but THEM!

    Jason : Yaloh. If the team members have 'no heart', what for spend so much time to make a decision or to do a thing? Just make a simply decision will die wan meh?

    kevin : I want to come back step by step. I dare not terus inform all of you. Ya ya, they take too much time liao.

    5xMom : Whaaa... the quiz is so long... 70 questions. But do the leaders always think the needs of their followers?

    emotionalistic: Yes. But my situation is easier than yours. Mine got only 2 choices, whereas yours got many mah. At least, won't you feel angry when we're discussing about an issue, and they just drag to another topic?

    fabian : Harlow, I disappear for good. And I do came back for good too. I didn't inform you as I was thinking you also disappear for good also mah.

    Cannot leave. Wait they'll say you not sporting lah, so sien go out with this guy lah, no patience lah (yes, we are)... And next time got any good things (geok sou), they won't invite us already.

    hollow sheen : Not 'different people, different needs'. But it means more to 'different gender, different needs'. It is definitely hard to work in team, because not every member will satisfy what you want.

    bugz : Maybe so. But I think for me is more to solo is good lah.

  • At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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