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Friday, June 24, 2005

Teamwork, are we? ... (2)

I doubt why people keep on saying teamwork is good, and this and that... When it comes to a gathering, many problems will occurred.

I don't know why the team leader was so sucks. I bet, my situation is just like yours. Most of the girls like to lead, and so, the got a chance to bully boys mah. And when they plan anything, they will plan everything by themselves, and just force the boys to agree with them. Is this more to 'rape'? I don't know. The worse part is, even they have plan finish, they would change their plan also. Example, they wanted to eat at the Dome Restaurant, and ended up go to A&W Restaurant. *Note, we boys didn't object nor feel satisfy with the Dome Restaurant, but they change their plan by themselves. Really a 'Good Leader'.

Besides that, I also know why they can't get a job and spend their time for their jog. Instead of 'Just Obey Boys', they just make it to 'Just Obey Girls'. OK, when it comes to girls, they make their decision so 'cissilly' and slow. Just imagine, if for the boys, 'Argh... Ok lah, OK lah. Just make it lidat. Gaodim (finish).' And the worse part is, they just force us to follow them. In case, any of them was raped or molested or anything lost, they'll definitely but a blame on the boys, saying that we are not macho enough lah, we don't have sympathy lah, we so cruel lah, this lah, that lah...... So as a lesson learnt, never go shopping with girls. If you wish to, may be risk be with you.

In fact, being a tiny team member, you must also know who is the Godfather of the group or who is the most important people in the group. And the toughest part thing to do is, to polish their shoes. Pandai-pandai lah. Don't think that you serve the most, you'll become the big shot. No! It isn't this way. In fact, only yau-yeng (handsome) guys will be eyed. And keep your every word. Show no malice when you speak to your team member. I was pissed of by my group member one day. Things just went wrong...

Place - In front of a condo. (Mentioned at Wingz's blog once before)
Time - 3.00 p.m.
Society - ??????

Valerie : "Haiyoh... I want to go back liao lah. Got something to do lah."
H : "Huh? You want to go back already ah?"
E : "Yaloh? Why so early? Still got time mah?"
H : "Yaloh? Don't go back so fast lah."
S (girl) : "Yaloh, we want to go juke box and sing kalaokay......."

I was thinking that maybe she has some urgent things to do, or maybe will be screwed by her mother if she return home late. Thus I made a wrong move...

Me : "Aiyah... just let her be lah, maybe she got something to do leh? Or maybe her mother will scold her leh?

I was in a sudden anger. Thus I went back home by myself. Valerie at last decided to go juke box with them, and me........ I will always remember this sentence in my heart. Thinking how they threat me, how the world is so fuck-ed up.

So, what for teamwork? Aigh... Just don't give a demn to them lah. Demn = them. I won't be going any outing with 'demn' already. Better stay in the house and do my blogging. At least, I can learn many thing s from here.


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