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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Uncivilised Commentators

Something that happened on me. Not only me, but also other (story at here). I don’t know why people like to flame each other, especially in the blogosphere.

OK, fine. I was flamed and was forced not to continue anything more on my previous blog. But one thing I don’t know. Why people like to flame on others blogs and draw attention from the others and make themselves like an @$$h0LE?

Blog, a personal journal. Some blogs were paid for it’s domain and hosting fees. Therefore, what I can say is, ‘blogger can write anything he or she likes on his or her blog’. IMHO, everyone has the right to say what they feel in their blogs. But readers just need to think twice before they start posting some offending comments, or else they’ll have 2 results: FUCKED OFF or PISSED OFF.

I curiously doubt that why there are some readers bother to post an offensive or a malice comment on others blogs? Do they really think twice? Do they really think before that most of the blog readers are actually the supporters and the worshippers of that blogs? Do they really apply the ‘If can defeat your opponent, just join the league together”?

I think no one really wish to get an insulting or offensive comments saying that ‘Your blog is a piece of SHIT!’, ‘You are a F***ED UP Human Being’ or ‘Go and think back! You @$$h0LE!”. I mean, bloggers so ‘san-fu’ (tired) to type one whole post and publish it, and do readers really expect to get a back expectation from others?

As I think I threat my readers and supporters quite nice. I don’t post any disclaimer. But I think there always lies a ‘hidden disclaimer’ behind it, signifying readers that, “I really appreciate if you enjoy what you read here; and vice versa, if you don’t feel like reading this blog, just F***ED OFF from here.” And yet, readers and commentators often make mistakes without themselves realize this. The worse part is, I wonder why those ‘lowlife’ bugs have the gut to post their uncivilised comments, they don’t have the ‘balls’ to post their true pictures, or names, or URLs. Are they just coward? Or just tok-king someone’s back?

There are many commentors who think that theyare holier-than-thou who goes around, leaving their ‘stupiak’ opinions, as thought they will appreciate their comments and follow their ‘holy’ path, and they think that they are so damn blardy smart like that.

Why??? WHY IS THE WORLD SO F***ED UP wan? (Did I learn from someone?) So, who’s next to be the screw-up? Who’s next to do the same mistake? And, before you post any of your 2 cents comment (not only on my blog, but also blogs outside there), think twice. Your comment that you post is a reflection of yourself in real life. Be responsible and learn to respect others, only then others will learn to respect you.

*Sorry for this very short post. I’m lazy to type my opinion. I’m tired now. Want to go and sleep already. The most I’ll elaborate at the comment section later.

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  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger Loc Kee said…

    ok i gotta be very careful of my words in your comment liao :p i dont wanto be 'cucuk' in merata-rata blog... haha

    whenever i feel disagree with the blogger, i just leave him/her alone and never visit them nia lo. just don't wanna talk much with them no more becoz talk liao oso Sai Hei (Wasted) leh. rite?

  • At 6:16 PM, Blogger Loc Kee said…

    ok i gotta be very careful of my words in your comment liao :p i dont wanto be 'cucuk' in merata-rata blog... haha

    whenever i feel disagree with the blogger, i just leave him/her alone and never visit them nia lo. just don't wanna talk much with them no more becoz talk liao oso Sai Hei (Wasted) leh. rite?

  • At 6:28 PM, Blogger venus said…

    i agree...
    it's not wrong to whine in one's blog or say what they wanna say.

    i browse and read blogs to read others' experience and offer my 2 cents actually

    but most of the time, a group or individual 'barbarians' (we could call it) tend to disturb the peace we already have in blogsphere.

    whatever it is, nothing wil stop me from blogging :)
    i will blog until i get married and have kids leh! *ehehehe*blushes*
    day dreaming
    only 20 years old, i am

    anyway, we'll just continue our lives i guess.

    not long ago someone spammed my chatterbox with Puki's and Fucks.
    (without any obvious reason---like i don't think i've blogged about sensitive issues aso)

  • At 8:34 PM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    It is a politik thingy. If some head of the gang dislike you, their kakis will come and ka-ka-cao-cao. Sad thing is they never even bother to pause and read and try to understand the person behind the blog. Terus flame teruk-teruk. One time, got one who came by, a nobody who is worshipping somebody. I MT spam blacklist him (or her) and few minutes later, he used another IP and came in, comment and go 'nyek, nyek, nyek, you cannot blacklist me'. So, so stupid. I mean, don't they have better things to do? Sadly, these are the mentalities of the people around us. Like it or not, they are part of our life. *sigh*

  • At 11:35 PM, Blogger Milly said… time if jiejie tersilap cakap...pls pls dun hamtam me lor...scary man!!!!

  • At 1:43 AM, Blogger invisible sheen said…

    ooh..have to be really careful here wor..dun want step on wrong foot ;P

    whenever i disagree or can't think of any comment, den juz dun comment lor...ya,i agree a blogger's homepage is he's heaven but other blogger page is their own sanctuary... so mus respect it.

  • At 2:34 AM, Blogger MrsT said…

    Yes.. i do not understand why some ppl wanna be ultra jerkheads..! i really donch.. and it's so frustrating.. !! you kinda feel like smacking them..on their face.. and ask them to grow up..!!

  • At 2:15 PM, Blogger Young Brat said…

    oh oh..isit me?! hope its not me la..

    If i really did it, then i'm realy sorry on it and i'm truly din realize it. If it is really me, then jus let me know on it..If u wana hantam my name in ur blog BIG BIG aso can..

    but let me know 1st la, so i know wen ppl 'screw' me on it.

  • At 11:19 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    loc kee : Yes, many bloggers really don't realize that they actually 'cucuk' when they post their comments (I didn't mean you, of course). And because of this, the often got into troubles.

    venus : I think the concept goes like that. The more famous you are, the more people will jealous of you, and they'll start to sabotage by doing somthing silly. That's why I don't use chatterbox :)

    5xMom : But I think hor, if bloggers didn't kena kacau teruk-teruk hor, they won't be successful lah. Best example, the freedom blog award winner, Jeff Ooi.

    Milly : I won't. But I think I'm the always one who tersilap cakap lah.

    Hollow Sheen : If I come to a blog which I don't like, I'll terus blacklist him. I won't go to his/ her blog that often, or 'tok' his/her back. That's all.

    MrsT : I think people is just jealousing us only lah. They can't really do much in our blogs, but not the outer world of blogosphere.

    bugz : Not you lah. Dun worry.

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