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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Another Blogger Was Met

*Disclaimer : Humsup post. Not suitable for chewren.

Starwing urged me to meet him, while I was pontenging happily today. Just when I was thinking that I can study happily, finish up my Add Maths project at home, Starwing started to bombard me. He called me up to meet at Pudu LRT Station. I tried so many times to reject him, as I was really quite busy, but at last, die heart liao. Have to see another blogger again. This time slightly special. Face to face. One to one.

So, I arrived there abut 1.40 p.m. lidat. Met him at Pudu LRT Station. Wah... nice place. No recommend wrongly. Pudu is famous for Girl School mah. Therefor, in in out out the LRT Station also can see SYTs with minishorts :P Demn 'sui'. *pssttt... Starwing also quite handsome wan leh. So, after that, we went to KFC.

He ordered the dinner meal (by right should be lunch time mah), with the mashed potato grave gravy attached on his 3 chicken meat, while I ordered the Zinger burger meal. So, after that, we went upstairs to have our meal. Wah, upstairs lagi better. Whole floor was 70% occupied by SYTs (with school uniforms summore), 20% Ah-Bengs, and 10% Ah-SAHMs with their kids. Those girls hor, *ichiban* But dare not confessed to them, scare all of them will rape me at a same time. Demn dangerous lah.

We all chatted a lot loh. I tried to slow down my speed of eating, so that can chat longer mah. We chatted many things, about dog doc lah (We called doc too, but unfortunately no one answered the call. Probably occupying some SYTs patient gua), girls lah, Penny lah... later he gave me a chance to confess talk to Penny. Eh, Penny voice quite sweet leh :P

And then we saw an Ah-Beng sitting behind us. hair style so 'macho', probably applied Getsby gua. And then leg open wide wide, like girl spreading out. And then this caught the attention of Starwing, he watched him so carefully, until the eye open big big.

After that, he was to work. He lefted me at LRT Station, and farewell to him loh. Erm... hope to see him next time. Maybe at Sunny Beach? Starwing said, that side got more SYTs :P

*Before I met him, I submitted a photo of my cute friend to him. But he didn't expect I have a fugly looking wan :P I'm a good liar.


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