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Sunday, July 10, 2005

At Mentakab

Sorry for not update a long post on my blog yesterday. I was out to Mentakab yesterday in a rush. I had to delay my school-painting for the 3K (sh*t things lah), I had to delay my piano class, I had to cancel my gathering……

On theway back home, we stopped by at Karak to hunt for the Y*k Kee Restaurant, which is famous for his ‘durian bombs’ and ‘durian tarts’. They food s*ucks and the prize is expensive. A 2-person noodle costs RM12.

As I mentioned in my previous post before, Mentakab is quite a nice place, as she was a half-countryside-half-city look. The people at there are also very friendly, unlike the city people. I was sick with the city-living, whereby people looking down at each other, only emphasize on lengzhais and lengluis…… They don’t even have a look or give a smile at those people. Unlike the ‘kampung’ life, people there are friendly, will give a smile to everyone they meet…… Even in a restaurant, they seem like get to know each other, cheersing around. The feeling is very friendly. I don’t know why. But even my mother, who migrated to KL 20 years ago, yet the whole restaurant mostly still recognize her. Who knows my mother knows Kimberly mother’s too. OK, I’m joking. I don’t think so although they live in the same ‘kampung’.

On the way back from Mentakab, we stopped by Karak for liuliandurians. Will blog about it later.

Hmm… Mentakab, a good place indeed. Jacky Chan acted his film, ‘Who Am I?’ at there before. I saw him act by my own eyes.


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