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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Bloggers Meeting

I had at the KLCC Bloggers Gathering yesterday, at 4.00 p.m. Didn't blog about it yesterday, as I was exhausted.

I met Milly first, and then we went to the Signature, sat on a good spot, and read books. Not long later, uncle Korkor Lockee came. he belanja-ed me a soya bean, so I will repay him one day. And then not long later, Auntie Lilian called me up. the line wasn't really clear. Can only listen get "... r ... oosit..." But because I'm so clever enough to predict, I can roughly know what is she talking about. So, I told her the location was somewhere near the escolator there. So, 2 minutes later, we saw Auntie Lilian, bringing her sons and her toddler. Due to the large amount of people, we joined another table to ours. Aunitie Lilian keep on busying finding her friends, and then take care her toddler, and was so busy.

So, not long later, Yvonne Foong came with her 'interpeartor', Yi Liang. He studies law, quite handsome, will go to UK this September... *girls, you all know what I mean lah :P* We all have a nice talk. And then here came mama22beas (probably the first Malaysian astronaut-to-be) with Pompit. And then came S-Kay came too. She is quite pretty also. I can see she can take along with Yi Liang lah :P.

Since there are too many people, and then hor, no one wanted to eat, plus summore, I demn hungry, didn't had my lunch. So I went to the tepanyaki stall lot to ordered a Chicken tepanyaki. While standing there waiting my chicken tepanyaki to be readied, 2 Arabic ladies with black cloaks (??) wrapped until see-no-eye, came over and ordered...

Arabic Lady : "We want 2 sets of beef tepanyaki please."

Order taker : "Okay." *shouted at the chef* "BEEF DUA!"

Chef : "Okay."

Arabic : "Er... we want 1 spicy and one not spicy."

Order taker : "......" *blurred* "okay." *shouted at the chef* "SATU CILI SATU TAK MAU CILI."

Chef : *dumbfarked* *shouted back at the order taker* "OI!!! You kasi tau dia lah! Sini tak de mau cili tak mau cili mya. Dia ingat sini KFC kah? Mau cili tak mau cili."

Order taker & Me : *LOL*

Arabic girls : "..."

So, I tooked my food and went back to my seat. Auntie Lilian didn't brought her prmoised 'tau sar pneah' as she rushed to the KLCC from MV. Nevermind lah, I'm looking foward the Penang Shangri-la Hotel :P

1+2 mom came with her atm aka spouse and her 3C (Carrie, Carol and Carter). Very cute. I tooked a picture of Lockee playing with McD's limited edition children toy. Couldn't post it up. Because he will kicked my s. Bloggers went back one by one. And I left at 6.20 p.m. So far hor, I think I'm the most handsome blogger at there lah.

Auntie Lilian demn cheat wan. She smentioned camera-free for the gathering, but she pulak brought it. Hm... this gathering was quite syiok, as I can get to know a few bloggers around. BTW, have you signed up for the blogathon 2005? Blogathon is an event to raise donations for charity. we are blogging for Eden Handicap Service Center in Penang, Malaysia. This year’s blogathon is on 6th August 2005, beginning at 9am EST. More more info, please click here.


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