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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Carrier Path

Someone said I'm very matured. Erm... I think so. Because I've encountered this question many times before, "What is your occupation/job?".

I then answered, "I am a blogger.".

Yes, I'm a blogger. I feel proud to be a blogger. I'm prouder to be a blogger rather than a sleeping student. In fact, blogs are apart of my daily life too.

My monthly salary? Aw... don't mention that. I only earned USD4.76 until now. Malaysia Currency keeps on floating, from RM3.80=USD1, became RM3.74=USD1. If I'm a blogger, I can't even feed myself. Sigh...

So, I was chatting with a lenglui blogger. Starting was...

Su Zen : Hi
Me : Hi
Su Zen : lol I tot was samivellu.

*part cencored*

Let us get into the topic. We were chatting about carrier, what to become, this job good anot? That job good anot? Bla bla bla...

OK, what I want to become next time? Blogger? Er... I think full time blogger tak jadi wan lah. Even thoought I can earn as much as 5xMom, as fast as 5xMom, can earn USD100 in few weeks, but I think cover income tax also not enough. Moreever, I also dreamed before that, when only I can become as famous as Jeff Ooi? World recognized blogger? Freedom Blog of the year? OK, I better wake up. Being a blogger isn't that easy too. have to crack our head everyday. Morever a dream to become a famous blogger, you must be flamed, and take the criticizing, and flame back people... I must really pay alot. Better don't.

What about engineer? Yaloh, since I master in Add Maths, Physics and Mathematics, why don't have a try? In fact, I wanted to become an engineer too. But, there are too many engineers around in Malaysia. My left neighbour is an engineer. My right neighbour is also an engineer. Thought many engineers around, we can still afford to make fatal mistakes, like the NKVE lah, Proton Sawi lah, highway with patches lah, this lah, that lah. And become an engineer also got its risks too. If the bridge falls, kena scolded by semivalue. If projects delayed, kena scolded by semivalue again. If build a lousy car, scolded by foreigners again...... and then lesen tergantung-ed. Moreover, an engineer always faces men and seldom 'exposed' to women, so what for? Think think, better don't.

What about doc? Doc also good mah. Since engineer doesn't 'exposed' much to lengluis, why don't turn to becoming a doc? Everyday can see RPCNs, see got patient can 'touch here, touch there'. Why no good? Good profit also. Bill was charged according to what you like. But one problem, I sukks in my bio. I flunked once in my bio test, and managed to score 19%. I don't even know when is the 'period'. Aw...

What about involve in journal, become a columnist for 5 Star Peeper's Paper, like Lai Ma? Er... I think this wil take a long time lah. Before becoming Lai Ma, first thing, must sign up contracts with a karaoke lounge to become a singer at there, and then must have 5 times more boyfriends then her one-star competitors (I'm not GHEY, kay?), bla bla bla... Very susah, must wait for years to achive her kind of fame. And then have to listen to Chin Tu Lan everyday and listen to his problem some more. Demn jialat.

Politicians? So that can *erhem* a lot? Er... I'm not a risk taker. I don't want my face to be published as the headline of the newspaper everyday. I don't want to become like mak cik, dealing with APs everyday, crying in front of the TV screen. You see, the more famous you are, the more people will go against you, isn't it?

So, after chatting with Su Zen, she adviced me to study finance and accountant, which I also wish to study that too. According to her, study finance, enrolled in a company, work, salary $3000 over, and then kena kicked out, get back 20 millions. 20 millions? Good. Searching for this type wan mah. Office got many lengluis also. Profit also quite good. But then hor, 20 million still not enough. I told Su Zen, better come to Malaysia. Enrolled into a company, become CEO, first month request for a Bunglo at Bangsar and also a Merz, second month kena kicked out, grab RM20 million, join another company again, request for Bunglo at Damansara and also a BMW, third month, kena kicked out again, grab RM20 million, join another company...... better still. Why not? Good mah.

So now, my temporary dream is to, fly to Australia together with Su Zen fly to Australia, study finance and accounts, come back to Malaysia and becoming a CEO. And, if possible, kena kicked out as many times as possible. Got car, got Bunglo. No good meh?


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