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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Clever Child

While at Mentakab at night...

* My cousin is only 3 years old.

Cousin : "Gu gu (Auntie), want to eat durian or not?"

Mommy : "You want to eat ah?"

Cousin : "Want~~~"

Mommy : "You can eat meh? You sick wor."

Cousin : "Can~~~"

Mommy : "Really can meh? You go and ask your mommy first."

Cousin : *ran into the kitchen*

At kitchen...

Cousin : "Ma~~~ Can eat durian or not?"

Auntie : "CANNOT!!! You got cough. Cannot eat."

Cousin : *ran to my mommy*

At the living hall...

Mommy : "So how? Mommy say can eat or not?"

Cousin : "Can~~~"

We : *LOL*

See? Children can lie also.

But later on, we let him to have some...

Uncle : *open durian*

Cousin : *picked the biggest and the yellowish one* (see? Know how to choose durian also)

Daddy : "Boyboy, you small boy take small one. Nah, take this one." *passed cousin a small durian*

Cousin : "Dowan!"

Me : "Want to change with mine?" *passed him a milk colour durian*

Cousin : "Dowan!"

We * LOL*

See? Small kids are so clever.

After finishing durians...

*As we know, durians can be seperated into 5 parts only. Not more or less than that.

Uncle : *packing durain skins* *prepared to throw away*

Cousin : "I want durian. I want durian!"

Uncle : "No more already."

Mommy : "No more already. Next time, papa buy for you again lah."

Cousin : *took a durian skin* *trying to seperate the durian skin*

We : *LOL*

See? Durians make kids become clever.


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