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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Do we do something before we think?

I used to be confident during last time. Speaking like the tomorrow will be mine. Speaking with full of confident. Speaking like as if as I’m always the correct.

I told myself 2 years ago, saying that I’ll win the chess tornament, ended up, I lost. After came back from the tornament, I scolded my mother. I couldn’t accept the lose of mine. I always told myself, “Guy, you are a mastermind, who produces masterpiece. There is no way that you can’t lose to those morons.” I was too overconfident to myself. And I was scolded by my mom too. She didn’t even know that I’m so ‘kiasu’, can’t afford to lose’. Now I understand, what she tried to tell to me. I felt so embarress enough to publish this post, but at least, I realized my mistake. I know she has been sacrify quite a lot for me. I just want to change my problem.

Last year, I thought of becoming the editor of the school for this year. The sub-editor position wasn’t in my eyes too. I’ve planned everything for the whole year activities. I showed my very best to them. At last, I lost. I wasn’t selected to be the school editor. I was demn frustrated they gave me the sub-editor post. I went and ‘cari pasal’ with them, to fight for the post. At last, I lost. I can’t even maintain my sub-editor position. Ended up, I started to blame the whole teachers, whole school, whole editorial board. At least, they cooperating well now. I realized I’m wrong.

I always believed in what viewtru said, when a door shuts, another door will open. I was glad that, I was sent to the world of blogosphere after the incident. I was exposed to different type of people at here, has taught me to be merchuat. Cases like, being scolded by 5xMom, was a gain for me. Sometimes, when I think back, I realize that I really can’t afford to lose, I was actually very childish. Whenever faults come, I will blame the others

I think I’m not only the one who encountered this problem. Some of my friends do the same thing without she herself realize about that. She is my footstep. She is the vice chairman of the prefect, leading the whole prefect to the very best. She guides them rigiously, take everything also quite serious. And the problem now is, whenever she thinks it is a good way, it means different for those prefects. Take an example, she forced those prefects to buy the prefect T-shirt, but she didn’t realize that some of them can’t even afford 3 meals per day.

2 years ago, I don’t know what problem she has in her mind. The story went: Whole bunch of people wanted to go to the National Archive for research. So, she also wanted to join. So, we got no choice, we have to let her join. After we got those informations from the archive, we went back to school. Note, there are still students who didn’t go to the National Archive. So, what this girl did was, she photocopied I think got 50 over, and distribute to the whole demn informations to those ‘next class’ students. WTH the next class student got the things to do with you? I have wasted RM0.50 per sheet of paper for the photostating fee at the National Archive, and she went to photocopied another set to distribute to other classes? Demn again, I should set those information under copyright.

Lately a prefect in my class was punched by a gangster. When she accompanied the prefect to entered the disciplined room, she cheered like those politicians before the elections, saying “Never mind man, we’ll definitely back you up!” while we were rolling on the floor. She didn’t even realize that she is a girl, she can’t even take a punch, how to ‘back up’ a boy?

Another example besides this, Canny Xia has posted his photo together with the nude SPG blogger. Not even 12 hours later, he has to take it down. But, it was to late, the photo was already copied by another blogger and posted on blog. I don't think I need to elaborate here, as I think that most of you are definitely better than me.

Sometimes, we really talk without using our cerebral, and make a very wrong decision. But when we realize our mistake, it is too late for us. Every people make mistakes, it just depends on how we make our mistake, and do we realize it.


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