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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Doc And Dog?

Dog and doc? Make me confused.

Yesterday while came back from school, I saw a doc lying down on the garage compound. The doc is quite small. Smaller than the roadside stray cats type. I wasn't familiar with doc's name, but the only thing I can describe the doc is, black colour, on top of the eyes got another 'fake eyes'. I don't know where the doc comes from. I thought for a moment, my parents wanted to rear a doc?

While the doc saw me, it quickly stood up and stare at me, wagging its tail. I didn't bother it, and entered my home sweet home. But the doc wagged its tail to me. I shutted the door, don't let it to come in.

After that, while reading dog's blog and discovering some things about dog, suddenly someone called me to join the kommies newsgroup. Wah, kommies wor. Dog also inside that group. So nevertheless, I joined. I saw dog at there. So chat for a short while, thinking maybe he is a very busy man, probably 1 day=12 hours, so I leave the group silently.

So, later, while went to tuition that time, the doc keep following me, no choice. So, I ran to my tuition centre. Luckily the doc, couldn't chase me up. So, I went to the tuition centre with my wet shirt around.

Sooner when I came back from tuition, the doc wasn't around anymore. Daddy said the doc was given to our neighbour, what a sad ending.

Back to topic, doc and dog? Really make me confuse.


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