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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Durians in Karak

This post was typed with my original blogging style.

Coming back from Mentakab, passed by Karak…

Mom : “Fuyohh!!! Durians berlambak-lambak gile (So many crazy durians)!”

Dad : “OK, stop by here and get some.” *parked car next of the road* *came down from car*

Whole family : *came down from car*

Durian Seller #1 : “D24, D26. Sedap. Manis. Satu longgok sepuluh ringgit. Bagus mya. Gred A.”

Dad : “Betulkah ni? Sepuluh ringgit?”

Durian Seller #1 : “Ya, betul mya. Sepuluh ringgit satu longgok. (his satu longgok means 4 biji)”

Mom : “Hmm… Boh-sui lah. See here? *pointed at certain part* Got oh-oh (black black).”

Dad : “Hmm… nevermind. Got to the next stall.”

Mom : “OK.”

Whole family : *walked away*

Durian Seller #1 : “Boss! Boss! Ini bagus mya…”

His voice faded as we walked on to the durian stall which is next to his, about 5 metres away…

Durian Seller #2 : “Ya, boss. D Yasei (in canto = D 24).”

Dad : “D Yassir? Yassir Arafat?”

Durian Seller #2 : “Bukan Yassir Arafat. Ini D 24. Satu longgok sepuluh ringgit (his satu longgok is also 4 biji). Mau?”

Dad : “Sepuluh ringgit jugak?”

Durian Seller #2 : “Ya boss. Tapi saya boleh kasi 3 longgok dua puluh ringgit.”

Dad : “Oh…”

Mom : “Haiyoh… You see these durians, small until cannot see also. Dowan lah. Go to another stall.”

Dad : “Ok.”

Whole family : *walked away from that stall*

Durian Seller #2 : Boss boss…”

Thrid stall is located 20 metres away. As we walked towards the stall…

Durian Seller #3 : *waved hand, signifying us to come towards him* *pointing at his durians*

Whole family : *walked to his stall*

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk… erk... erk...” *thumbs up* *pointed at his durians, signifying his durians are good*

Dad : “How much?”

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk... erk... erk...” *pointed at his longgok of durians (his satu longgok durian is 4 biji)* *showed 10 fingers, signifying RM10*

Dad : “Oh…10 Ringgit lah.”

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk…erk… erk..” *thumbs up* *add one more durian at the longgok* 8thumbs up* “Erk… erk… erk..”

Dad : “Oh…OK. Nice?”

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk… erk.. erk..” *pointed at his durians* *thumbs up* *changed the lousy and small durian with the nice durian*

Mom : “Ah… this one not bad. Very big summore. What durians are there?”

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk… erk… erk…” *left hand showed 2 fingers* *right hand showed 4 fingers*

Dad : “Oh… D24 also.”

Durian Seller : “Erk… erk… erk…” *thumbs up again*

A lady mangosteen seller passed by us…

Mangosteen Seller : “Want mangosteen anot?”

Mom : “No thanks.”

Mangosteen Seller : *stood at there*

Durian Seller #3 : *took a durian up* *pretended to smell* *gave to dad* *thumbs up*

Dad : *smell* “Nice. This is good!”

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk… erk… erk…” *took knife* *chopped durian* *gave us to touch*

Mom : *touch touch* “Good! Everything was fine.”

Mangosteen Seller : “Want to buy mangosteen anot?”

Mom : “Dowan. Thanks.”

Durian Seller #3 : “Erk… erk... erk…” *flipped his hand, signifying shooing the mangosteen seller away*

Magnosteen Seller : *still stood at there*

Dad : “Ok lah. Buy from this man lah.” *took out RM10*

Durian Seller #3 : *took a plastic bag* *put 5 durians inside the plastic bag* *passed durians to dad* “Erk… erk… erk…” *thumbs up again*

Dad : *paid money* *took durians* “Thanks.”

Durian Seller #3 : *took money* *happy* “Erk… erk… erk…” *waved hand*

Whole family : *entered car* drove back to KL*

* Those durians were really nice. Don’t call me to give you any. I won’t give wan. H’ng!!! We bought from him because we really kesian him lah. Handicapped summore. And then very good summore...


  • At 3:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey.. MrK,
    When i was in singapore..i buy durian for like 20$.. and they didn't treat me so nice at all..!!!
    They say to me.. want or not..??? not want.. ok lah..!! can die or not..??

  • At 8:24 AM, Blogger Milly said… is durian season, have to post up sumthing bout durian lor..!! haha..

    eat so much durian lar, better drink lot of water, if not i can't see u turn up for the gathering becos of sick..!!

  • At 8:34 AM, Blogger Young Brat said…

    so good ar..can walk frm 1 stall to another to get a good durian. Long time din follow my mom do so..She like to do so..Frm stall A walk to stall B to stall C then stall A. She say need to 'survey' abit.. milly say., drink lots of water..

  • At 11:21 PM, Blogger CLF said…

    Me also eat lots of durians these days. :P

    Now almost every durian taste good!!! The smell is strong!!

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