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Friday, July 01, 2005

ET ... (7)

During English lesson...

ET : "OK, copy the questions that I say."

We : "OK."

ET : "Form adjectives with the words given."

We : "Copied."

ET : "Number one, hide."

We : *blur*

Wayne : "How to spell ah?"

ET : "HIDE. Lidat also want me to teach you ah?"

Wayne : "Yalah, which hide? H-I-D-E?"

Mike : "Hike? H-I-K-E?"

Albert : "Height? H-E-I-G-H-T?"

Wayne, Mike & Albert : *came towards me* "What 'hide' is she mentioning?" *still blurred*

Me : "Haid lah. H-A-I-D."

Wayne, Mike & Albert : *pause for a moment*

Wayne : *tiu-ed* "Teacher, izzit the H-A-I-D, haid ah?"

Everyone : *ROTFLMAO*

ET : "Now is English lesson. Not BM. For all, you have said BM, so fined 50 sen. Plus, You touched an 'X-rated' word. So 50 plus 50. Totally one ringgit. Pay now."

Wayne : "Not me lah. Kiasi is the one who says that. Not me."

Me : *innocent looking*

ET : "Give now, faster!"

Wayne : *give money to ET*

* For those who dunno the meaning of 'Haid', 'Haid is actually a Malay word which means 'menses'.


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