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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Guai Lou

*My apologize towards Big Bok for this post. This post was mend to be published just for fun.

While chatting with Jerica via MSN, saw her putting Jasie McCunny picture as her display picture…

Me : Who is the 1 in your display pic?

Jerica : Jasie McCunny lah. Didn’t heard of him b4 meh?

Me : Got, but no interest.

Jerica : oic

Me : not as hensem as me oso :P

Jerica : *vomit* He is the best lah. So yau yeng.

Me : Where got yauyeng? So ‘harry’ summore

Jerica : ei, pls lah. Peeple guai lou mah.

Me : And guai lou always smells good, ya?

Jerica : Er… yes.

Me : And harry harry all smells good ya?

Jerica : pls la… now wut era ady? Harry oni sexy mah.

Me : What era? Only last time people harry harry wan lah. Duh~~~ those paleolitic, mesolitic ah, neolitic ah, monkeys ah, those people baru harry harry wan mah.

Jerica : Eiyer… u so bad wan.

Me : Yupp, I am.

Jerica : He is handsome, ok?

Me : No he isn’t. I se more lengcai people before than him. I every day see the mirror to ssee lengcai wan. He ah, supp supp sui.

Jerica : He is more handsome than you lah.

Me : I am more handsome than him!!!

Jerica : Suan, dowan to talk to you dy.

Me : :P


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