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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Mice Love Rice

I was in a ‘t’ng lang (Chinese)’ coffee shop reading newspaper while having my lunch. From one of the news, it says that Siti Nurhaliza is going to sing the Malay Version of ‘Mice Love Rice (老鼠爱大米)’. There are really several versions of this song already. The moment I go pasar malam, from the head to the tail, I’ll be listening this song from every Jason’s stall.

One day, I poped a pirated-CD stall and have a look on that song. What that stunned me was, I saw a song album which contains (nearly) all the version of the ‘Mice Love Rice’. There are totally 16 versions. From the original, to the techno version; from the original version, to Andy Lau version, from Mandarin version, to the English version…… I suspect there are many versions from various of language. And now, Siti said want to sing another version of ‘Mice Love Rice’. WTF!

I wonder how a song can break through the whole market. From an anonymous song to the world-recognized song. I know this song is nice, but I do suppose that there are many nice songs outside there. Why those songs can’t beat through the market? I wonder.

As the fame goes on, there are also many sabotages. I read an article from a forum, saying that there is a pathetic story behind it:
A couple lived happily last time, and the lyric was composed by the girl. One day, they argued about a small matter, which lead the girl to commit suicide. The boy was so sad.
2 months later, the boy involved in an accident, supposed to be banged by a car. He was admitted to the hospital. The doctor said, “No cure.” Not yet die lah of course. Only become psycho people. So, he was transferred to the Tanjung Rambutan of Taiwan.
One day, the composer went to the Tanjung Rambutan of Taiwan. He saw the psycho boy. He took the lyric and added in some music, and become famous now.

So, when there is a fame, followers should be expected at there. And also prepare for the criticizings and sabotagings. *frankly speaking, I don’t know how to end this post*


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