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Saturday, July 16, 2005

My First Meet With A Blogger

Today is my first time to meet up with a blogger. I met up with Milly. Before this I can just imagine her look by looking her picture. Yesterday night, I was ‘sam si si’, thinking how will she look? What to talk? How she feels about me? Unhandsome? Fugly? All sorts of thinking appears. I can’t sleep well for the whole night. I promised her to belanja her. I was thinking whether want to go anot. If I go hor, I will lose my MMM identity, macam I will lose my virginity lidat.

So, I decided to go KLCC to meet her with my die heart. Really die heart. I promised her to meet up at Nando’s there. The first impression to me was, ‘Wow, she is tall!’ She is tall, but still shorter than me lah. Wonder what mamibee let her eat. She couldn’t recognize the lengzhai was me. So, I called upon her and invite her to enter Nandos. We didn’t talk much inside there, just smiling and laughing and watching babies and kids (since she likes babies and kids so much).

After that, she said her brother’s gf called her to surveyed on the price of The Harry Potter 6. So we went to Kinokuniya. After reading some books, she asked me where is the Biology book for STPM. We couldn’t find it anywhere.

After came out from Kinokuniya, she went to toilet for a while. I called her to enterI wonder was it for a while. She said she has to queue up for toilet. I repeated singing the song for at least 5 times. I think she entered the toilet for 10 minutes.

After that, she requested to entered a shop called ‘Girls’. ‘Girls’? She said she wants to buy a present for QQ and SS wor. I was embarressed as I’m the only BOY in the shop. Looking those girls were having a some-kind-looking towards me, I felt embarresses and shy. But luckily we went in for a while only.

Then, we went to Isetan. She was looking for her alphabet pendant by perlinis silver already. For got what is that called. I think I saw my headmistress there lah. Demn kancheong at that moment. Being a Add Maths winner hor, where can I let her see I’m parking tohwith Milly? How can? Spoil my image only. I don’t know whether she knows me anot. I hope she don’t.

After that, asked Milly whether want to go shopping anot, she said dowan. Asked her whether she wants to go Petrosains anot, she said dowan. Asked her whether want to watch movie anot, she said dowan. Ended up, we went outside the park to park toh.

And then LocKee kacau-ed us. He called up Milly. And when Milly passed me the phone...

LocKee : "Yo! Check it out!"
Me : "Yes, check it out. Wassup?"
LocKee : "Yo, buy my mango."
Me : *LOL*

We chatted for 3.5 hour. Really enjoy talking with her. The impression she gave me was, pretty, prettier than on photograph, very kind, very cute, can talk a lot, sweet……

After that, I sent her to Putra Station, and I took 176 bus to go home. Hmm… that’s how I lose my virginity MMM identity to a blogger.


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