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Friday, July 01, 2005


Suppose that if you recieve a present, which is cheapskate, from your friend, will you tell him/her that the present is ciplak? Won't, isn't it? I bet most of you do lah.

2 years ago, I won a computer (a Scientific Casio Calculator fx-350 MS. My physic teacher said that calculator is also under computer mah). This year, they gave me the same present (can also say prize also lah). I don't know whether I should be happy or sad. The only difference is, the present was wrapped with a different pattern.

I was remaining anonymous before this. It is not my wish. But no one was willing to celebrate my birthday with me before this. Neither any of my classmate. I am the only one who master in memorizing all their birthdate, but no one is realizing my birthday. I always wished them, spending my mother's money and buying presents for them. In fact, I was quite sincere. I just wished someone who is willing to celebrate my birthday with me. but no one.

Until last year, don't know from where they korek-ed my IC number out, and then only realizing that my birthday was around at that corner. They faster faster threat me so good. I don't know what is their purpose. Yet, I agreed stupidly. They brought me to genting highland to celebrating my birthday We went genting Highland together. I was treatened slightly different by my friend, but at least not too bad. They didn't throw pie at me. We just order foods by ourselves. Bills are on our own. I started to wonder how come the just threat me that easy, not even a single present. I am jealous of my other classmates, recieveing tonnes of present everyyear, while me, I just ate my DuburBubur Ayam McD which I paid for myself.

I still remember how I gave a present to a girl. Buying present for girls is always a problem which is bothering me. As usual, my taste are quite bad actually. I did realize that, but I have to. I don't have the money to buy those luxury stuffs, I can't afford to spend my RM200 montly paid for McDonald's limited edition (I still remember Kiasu's 'Me and Mr McDonald's post) or get a ring for her. So what I gave her was just a medium-size money-box. The money-box is actually a statue of a naked small boy (of course lah, the cencored part can't be seen), lying down and reading books. Very cute wan.

I gave it to her. Nothing was happened. Until she showed it to her friends and say that the present was from me. Every friends was laughing out loud. I was depressed and being insulted, yet I know I can't do anything. The only thing I can do is, promising myself to earn a better living, and buying expensive presents for my future girl friend. I really admire people who buys teddy bears for their loves one, although the teddy bears are expensive. I asked myself when I can be like them.

Is a present so important for us? Do you judge a present by it's looking or the sender's heart?


  • At 4:05 PM, Blogger Twinsmom said…

    why you want a girl who only appreciate expensive present to be your future wife ah? today she want Giodano, next year wnat U2, then later ask for GUESS, then Prada, wah...never end lor.
    find a girl friend who never luagh on what ever present you save up and buy for her want, those laugh on you wan tell them to go fly kite.

  • At 4:16 PM, Blogger Young Brat said…

    yes..agree wit twinsmom..If u found such a galfren, then i can tell u she is not truly love u..only love ur money la..

    What?! It a present frm my heart.I even bought a CUP(normal cup with cute pic) to my best fren. She like it, though its not expensive. If u wana compare wit other ppl present, then nex yr jus a wishes..thats all..

    no worry, tis yr i celeb wit u.coz me too..nobody remember my bday :<..v celeb 2gether lo..

  • At 4:31 PM, Blogger Milly said…

    kiasi, tell em when is ur b'day...!! i give u surprise..!! ahhaha.. which another calculator as pressent ... ahhah..!!

    actually present little sam yi...u 1 2 give how big is ur porb lar.. ur fren shud not laugh at u 1...i receive many small small present.but i stil very happy... n nvr say ciplak or what...shud appreaciate the present..!! so hint for u, buy a present for jeijie next years ay u dunnoe when is my b'day...see the lilypie there..u noe..!! ahahha

  • At 4:54 PM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    Wei, u are beginning to sound like Mr Kiasu liao. Dun care ler, forget the whole thing. Laugh let them laugh lor.

  • At 6:05 PM, Blogger mooiness said…

    Yeah forget about chabohs that only like "expensive" presents. And speaking of presents, a good present does not have to be a real thing. It could be something as simple as all your friends take you to dinner and chiong at a club after that.

    For me - that gives me the most pleasure. Afterall, how many "things" can you collect man??? Your room very big ah? :)

  • At 6:24 PM, Blogger Jason said…

    Honestly, I feel the same way about you. :)

    My housemates could not even remember my birthday. They only came to realized it at 11.30PM (30 minutes before my day ended) by ACCIDENTLY clicking on my blog. (I post my blog link in my YM's status message.) Later, they all hurriedly wished me "Happy Birthday" and said want to go out celebrate. Then, we went for "Satay Celup" and ended up with belanja-ing them makan. What they got for me? The last 2 slices of cake from Coffee Bean which they got it minutes before the shop was closed.

    Later, their birthdays were approaching and they were planning up and down. Bought them presents, cakes, gathered other housemates/coursemates to celebrate. I have to pay too~! Sighs...

    All my hometown friends gets expensive and lots of presents. What I got is nothing. Really, NIL. It has been like 5 months since my 21st birthday and until now, I still haven't got any birthday present, not even 1, not even a card.

    Oh well, that doesn't matter. :)

    As for present, depending on your budget, you look for the stuff is meaningful to the person. For example, I bought a RM1380 Sony Ericsson K700i for NeeNee as her 21st birthday present. Everybody called me a dumb ass and stupid person. So? I don't give a damn because I know, for that present, it is worth it and meaningful.

    1) Our friendship worth more than RM1400.

    2) The phone is to remind her that I will always be her side, just like she carries the phone with her all the time.

    3) The phone is to remind her that if she needs somebody, take out the phone and she will remember me that I am just a call away.

    4) I love her, in terms of friendship love and feelings.

    So, RM1400 handphone as a present? Worth it or not? I still think worth it but not for other people. Because they never understand the meaning behind it and how important is her to me. I used up all my part time salary to get her that present and then, I couldn't change my 2 years old Nokia 6100 as well. :) Sacrifices.

    On the other hand, there are other present that worth making/buying as well.

    I remembered I bought a photo album. No, I didn't wrap it and give it to the person. Instead, I went all the trouble to take pictures of her close friends, each and every one of them, group photos, holiday trips photo, school photos and put them into the album. Then, I gave it to her. The album was great, because it contains all her precious friendship and she gets to "keep" them as part of her memories in a photo album. See?

    Another case, Juliana's present. I didn't bought her expensive stuff as well. All I did was melt a bar of chocolates and reshaped them in a "love" shape, accompanied with flowers and a card. I hope that she will like it though. :)

    It is not the present's price that counts. It is the meaning behind it. ;) RM1400 handphone as a present = worth it. RM5 a bar of chocolate = worth it. :)

    Go figure.

    P/S : I know you want to follow Mr. Kiasu's blogging style, but honestly, I am not encouraging you to do this. Mr. Kiasu is full of depression right now and we all know it. We don't want you to end up the same as him. You may agree to what he wrote, but you may not want to go through what he went through. Ok?

  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger Milly said…

    wah..jason, u wrote so long...!!!!

  • At 12:07 AM, Blogger Milly said…

    after see jaosn's i only remembersomething..!!

    i bought a "Perlini's Silver"'s necklace which the pendant is a alphabet "P" for a person who really really important for me! that present i bought it for her 20th b'day, that time i just 16years old... that present cost me around rm 69.90 for the whole neckalce.

    that time stil form4, RM69.90 for me aredi a big amount. i start to save $$ since January until october. so suffer to save $$..haha...

    n that necklace is for our relationship n our love... of cos, i bought myself the same necklace too but is alphabet "M" which stand for milly. i like that necklace very much...!!

    n when she go to australia for vacation, she bought me a kangaroo pendant where is a pair. hers is blue in colour n mine is red in color... she purposely bought that for me as my encourangement when i passed my black belt 1st Dan. i very very very liek that kangaroo...

    but then, sad things happen... i wear this necklace to school when have exam...after kangaroo n "M" is gone...dunnoe drop at where...!! hmm....a sad moment for me... both of the pendant is so meaningful to me..but i had lost it..too bad...

    then i go to the PErlini's silver shop at KLCC Isetan, they say the alphabet pendant no stock aredi..i will not out again...!! aigh...can't buy back the same they have a new stock of alphabet pendant... but it cost 39.90 for a pendant... erm..actually not expensive.cos is pure silver... imported formitali... aigh...!!

    sad ending....

  • At 1:54 AM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    Wah, Jason, why you go put Mr Kiasu on the table leh? This one is Mr Kiasi's blog, dun lah, go tell Mr Kiasi like that. After he got scared, one less blog to read.

  • At 4:49 AM, Blogger Fabian said…

    Gals who want luxurious things from you = troubles. Stay away from them la. Find a gf that can treasure you for what you are and is thankful for what you can provide to her. Don't bother too much about the birthday stuffs, you will eventually meet a true friends who can remember your birthday one.

  • At 12:42 PM, Blogger vivian said…

    I was never good at remembering my friend's b'day, except for a few close friends'.

    So i used to buy small decorating stuff for my friends. It feels good to see their faces light up when they opened the box.

    But then when it's my b'day, 10 or so of them share their money to buy me one single present. *dissapointed*

    I'm kinda used to not getting presents on my b'day now. I mean even my mom don't gimme b'day presents. So i don't mind anyway.

  • At 3:16 PM, Blogger Carryn said…

    mr kiasi issit? so sad reading ur article, u know wat, dont care so much.But really abit sad when we only remembered other's birtday and no one actually remember us. its like pple are "using" us and not really care bout us.
    But for me, the samyi is most important. the best and the present i appreciate the most is a birtday card made by my friend during my secondary school and i kept till now. Compare to the mahal one,i only can remember that present was from who but talking about "touching heart", sorry, far far away. Then for his/her birtday,i have to buy him/her the same price of present, its like exchange, pls lah, like that u better give me angpau, easier! we feel diff to diff pple, if the person who gave u simple present is ur best fren and comrade, no matter how much its cost, it still mean something for us. He or she may not give u any present but just joking around or being there for u, dont u think its more valuable than the so called good and nice mahal staff? sometimes, all we need is just special few person wish u " happy birthday" and give u a hug. WE dont need many present, what we need is a good fren being there for u. it doesnt matter how other treated u, coz deep in ur heart, u will know, atleast, there are someone outthere still concern bout u. And u should feel happy coz u are the luckiest person in the world as pple are still searching for good fren,but u have already found him/her.

    Happy belated birtday and happy stand birthday...

    wish u found the special someone who can share all the joy and sadness. And Wish us to be speicial someone to somebody else.

    Jason : i dont know u being that kolian one, no one remember urs birtday meh? dont kesi kesi..

    5xmom= halo, ur children are so cute.yalo, laugh till they kenyang rite? coz here in blogger still got person like u to support him rite?

  • At 4:00 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    twinsmom : It is not to say why I want mah. But these type of 'guai' girls hor, now very difficult to find liao, especally in KL, everyone is eyeing for money.

    bugz : this year celebrate with me? Haihz... better don't lah. I've suey-ed in my birthday for these 3 years straight. 2 years ago clashed with 1st day of Hari Raya (they all go kubur). Last year clashed with Deepavali, whole Kl jam, cannot go anywhere. This year got SPM, cannot celebrate.

    Milly : My birthday ah... erm... 14th of November. I sure know your birthday lah. Your birthday is the same day with my sister wan, 14th of April.

    5xMom #1 : Never mind. I always believe in "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you, then yu win." Thanks.

    mooiness : Yaloh. Now I'm getting smarter liao. Prefer belanja them rather than giving 'cheapskate' present.

    Jason : I wonder is it so difficult to memorize people's birthday ah?

    You bought a handphone for Nee nee? Wah... you collect your money for how long already ah? She got buy back anything for you anot?

    *About your last P/S one, I'll blog about it later. Temporary delayed.

    Milly #2 : Yaloh, seldom see he writes so long on my comment post.

    Milly #3 : Yaloh, sad ending. But I always keep my birthday present aside, signifying how less presents I have, rather than using it :p

    5xMom #2 : Yaloh, I'll scare wan ah. I'm kiasi leh...

    * will blog about it later. Processing...

    Fabian : the more I think hor, the more I'll ask myself, "Is it birthday so important wan ah?" I really hope that there will be a friend who will remember my birthday. Anyway, thanks a lot.

  • At 4:11 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    vivian : Most of the times, only big shots will be remembered. Small soldier like us without being realized by anyone won't get such special treatment. Let the small arise!!

    carryn : thanks a lot. thanks for dropping by. thanks for the wishes.

    I really hope to find a true friend, as I always think that I was always surrounded by 'UFOs'. I hope that I'll find not only one lah, but also many true frineds also.

    But the birthday card hor, I didn't recieve one also. They (my friends) just called me to sign, pay the money and gave to the birthday boy/girl. But I didn't recieve any.

  • At 6:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    you live in msia - things are supposed to be cheap so the task is finding something that works for u price wise and its ingenuity. doesnt mean ah beng A give teddy bear u must be ah beng go buy teddy bear. if al lianz B give swatch watch u must go give her tag huer izzit? in the end who rugi?-_- u lar cos she leeched off the present off u and all u get is 1 hr of fame? and worst.that time everybody will go tell u their bday dates n u will be expected to buy even better gifts...pokai i tell..sell ur soul also not enuff.

    go look wang there got heaps of those girl shops...(cheapskate wei i know but ur mission is to look for sumtin that doesn't look cheap!) XD look for sumtin unique that stands out and works for your budget ok? ;p

    hang in there ;p

    if u can't think of any, i can think of something that cost only rm30 and i looks bloody good (pssttt:those sling cloth bags that works either way - you can flip it over n its one patter and u can flip it the other way and its another patter?its only rm30..max i saw is rm 40...look harder ;p no need to be teddy bear. think outside the box.think vibrant. )

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    anonymous : Hmm... good idea also. Can get her a bag. Make sense also. BTW, I pressume that you are not from Malaysia right? Can I know where you are from?

  • At 7:59 PM, Anonymous mx - guest blogger said…

    i'm from msia but not living there atm.
    expating sumwhere

    sorry i forgot to leave a name..

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