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Friday, July 15, 2005

To Concern, Or Not To Concern?

Everytime when I do something, I'll think first, to make sure that I won't hurt sumobody's feeling. Just like yesterday, when I came over my one of my schoolmate's blog. He posted this yesterday...

I am extremely down today.. Something really bad and it happened to me for the very first time.. Is that love is everything?? I was being scolded in the staff room.. in front of some teachers.. I just not been given the chance to explain.. Anyway, i do understand it.. But i deserves a chance to do so, right ?? I think tmr i am going to die.. Maybe i will be fired from prefect there.. Maybe be gantung, maybe penalty marks.. Anything.. And mostly the worst, maybe i will be one of the casualty to go to Science 2 after this incident.. I felt very funny.. I tried to help her (her=gf) ..But why does she (gf's mother) thinks that i pulled her (her=gf) result down ?? I am sure not Ling's fault.. But i felt guilty.. I just know tomorrow i am going to die.. I am blur after the case.. I felt restless.. Huh...Pretty sad.. I really had a bad feeling on it, but i didn't realise that it would really happen..

-The end-

Frankly speaking, he is not my very close friend. He is just a normal guy, which will say 'hi' when we meet each other only. As I still take him as my friend, I read his 'lousy' blog everyday, without fail. I sacrifies my precious time just to read his lousy blog, just because I still take him as a friend. Reading his blog is just a boring hobby. I've read his blog for the past 3 weeks, everyday is about 'I Love You, Ling." And I don't understand why I waste my time on his blog, rather than on others proffesional blogs.

until I came over his blog yesterday. I was totally blur what happened. I asked myself, whether to concern about his situation or not. If I don't concern him, wait people will take me as a 'useless' friend. If I concern about him, wait he will say I keh-poh. So, I decided to ask a simply question, simply snough for him to answer, "Are you still okay?" And he replied me, "Pls lah, dun be so keh-poh, okay? Many poeple hate you because of this." I keh-poh?!?!?!?!?! Good people were striked by lightning.

Note, I concerned about his situation, and he replied this to me. I didn't ask him, 'What happen actually?" "Flied by your gf ah?" " Your gf's mother doesn't like the relationship between you and her ah?". I just asked him, "Are you okay?". Can't he just reply, "Yes" or "No" that easy? Why must flame people who concern about him?

I wonder why people only dare to share their happy moments, and when they come to a sad moment, they think that they are very great in solving those problems and don't wish their friends to comfort them. I learned, people will share their happy moments, and won't listen to your sad problems.


  • At 4:03 PM, Blogger Msau said…

    hmm..maybe he still in bad mood?
    got nowhere to blahblah then u this KP..ohh..sorry sorry.....nice boyboy pop mai jadi mangsa lor..

  • At 4:40 PM, Blogger matakecil said…

    sometime, when people have problem or something troubling them ... they want to be left alone to think things through ... at their own pace. to come to terms. to figure out what needs to be done. they might want to go into their psychological "cave" and they don't want or don't need anyone to care or disturb them. just that. no hard feelings. some people are like that, especially the males. i am one of them. cheers :)

  • At 5:23 PM, Anonymous Jacking said…

    Kadang-kadang lebih baik jangan jaga tepi kain orang lain. That kain is no good onelah. There're other better things to do.

  • At 8:33 PM, Blogger andycjw said…

    showing concern is good, but overly concern is no no. you also said he's not your close friend, maybe you should just step aside and watch the show. it's normal that people tends to hide from other people's view when the're weak, just like when they're having sad moment. same like when you're pangsai-ing, you don't want people to see or barge in also right? it's the same thing. and asking 'are you still okay?' is equal as asking those other questions you said, because you're not asking after he jatuh longkang like that, but you purposely asked it after knowing the incident.

  • At 10:13 PM, Blogger emotionalistic said…

    I think he is going through a major breakdown right now and no one seems to care for him. Even if there is, maybe those people are faking it. Guess he really need some time alone and to settle down. As a friend, sometimes the most we can do is to pray for him. Hopefully he will pick himself up again from there.

  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger 5xmom said…

    Mr Kiasi - Matakecil is the guy to look up to. He knows what he is saying. Call him 'sifu' and 'charm cha'.

  • At 1:52 AM, Blogger kiasi said…

    msau : OIC. Then girls popup, he didn't flame. Bai meng sau zhi ngau chut, mng ngau yap cheh?

    hanyi : *zham cha* sifu. I dun want to care those ashholes already.

    jacking : Yupp! Sometimes I also blaming myself for being do such idiot things.

    andycjw : But even his close friends also kena fired. I think he was in bad mood gua.

    emotionalistic : I don't think he should pick up from his situation, but to realize his fault. Remember, don't cry over spilt milk.

    5xMom : Can I charm cha for you also ah?

  • At 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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