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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

明知 (Already know)


明知小男孩, 却去学人爱.
明知她可爱, 却不敢表白.
明知傻呆呆, 却又不肯改.
明知有靓仔, 却让她走开.

Hanyu Pinyin:

ming zhi xiao nan hai, que qu xue ren ai.
ming zhi ta ke ai, que bu gan bian bai.
ming zhi sha dai dai, que you bu ken gai.
ming zhi you liang zai (lengzai), que rang ta zou ka.

English Translation:

Already know I'm a small boy, but go and learn people to love.
Already know she is cute, but dare not confess.
Already know I'm stupid, but dare not change my attitude.
Already know got handsome boy, but just let her goes off.

*sob sob* Most likely no more hope liao. I'm down.

*Note, this is the first Chinese poem I composed


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