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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Jason, Carol and me

Yesterday night...

Mom : *cooking*

Me : "Huh? You cooked ady ah?"

Mom : "Huh? You dowan me to cook izzit?"

Me : "No lah, wait have to go yumchar with friends."

Mom : "OK loh, then I cook a lil bit oni."

After dinner, 7.45p.m., terus sneaked out from house to Taman *******. I called Jason...

Me : "Jason, where are you?"

Jason : "I'm at Taman ********. Can't find Carol's house lah. How to go?"

Me : "OK, you wait for me first. I am heading to Mobil Station now, pick me up at there, and I'll agak-agak for you."

Jason : "OK."


Jason : *picked me up* *shook hand* "Hei! You very handsome, hor?

Me : *shook hand*

Jason : "Where is Carol's house? How come find so long still cannot find get wan? She said her house is facing the main road wan wor."

Me : "Izzit? What road?"

Jason : "Jalan **. Wah... Taman ******* demn big hor?"

Me : "Yalah. Very big. The size of a Vatican City."

Jason & Me : *find find* *call call* *drive drive* *talk talk* *called Carol*

Jason : "Where is your house?"

Carol : "My house in from got one Proton Wira wan?"

Me : *#$@#@@# Whole Malaysia got how many Wira?*

10 minutes later, target found.

Jason : "Wanna go where?"

Carol : "Yaloh, go where and eat?"

Me : "SC?"

Jason : "That mamak stall ah?"

Carol : "Dowan lah."

Jason : "Ampang got what special wan?"

Carol : "Yong tau fu."

Jason : "OK. Go try Yong Tau Fu. Kiasi, you lead."

On the way...

Carol : "Jason, you drive demn scary marn."

Jason : "Haiyah... what to scare?"

Me : "Scare of die lah."

15 minutes later, reached Ampang Town...

Car : *reached Yog Tau Fu Restaurant*

Me : *see see* *macam kedai tutup sudah mau tutup saja* "Jason, go straight."

Car : *overshot*

Jason : "Haiyah, dowan to eat here lah. Eat something else."

Carol & Me : "Then go back our place there again loh."

15 minutes drive back to Taman *******...

Carol & Me : "Just settle at this 'Sweet Talk Restaurant' only lah."

Jason : "OK."

We : *entered restaurant*

Jason : *see menu* *ticked menu* *see menu* *ticked menu*......

Me : *see menu* *think think pocket got enough money anot* *see menu* *think think pocket got enough money anot* ......

Carol : *see menu* "Jason, Jason, this one very delicious wan. I like this dish very much." *see menu* "Jason, Jason, this one not bad also. I like this one very much also." ......

Later, food ordered...

Jason : *snapped pictures around*

Me : *curi snapped Carol's pictures*

Carol : *waiting for me to curi snap her pictures*

Food came...

Me & Jason : *snapped pictures again*

Jason : "Aiseh... Sorry lah Carol. I canm't find a flower shop. So, cannot buy flower for you already."

Me : *jealous*

Carol : "Haiyah, don't flirt lah. You will buy flowers for me?"

Jason : "Will wan. I got buy for Juliana. There is no reason why I don't want to buy for you mah."

Me : *#@#@#@#*

The food at 'Sweet Talk' was not bad, but the only thing is the 'tau huey'. Not nice. We ordered er... 'dunno-what-mango-ice', 'deep fried crab stick', many things summore.

Later while sending Carol back home, around 10.30 p.m...

Carol : "Kiasi, what is your handphone number?"

Me : Wait first, lemme check. I also forget liao."

Carol : *LOL*

Me : "OK, found. 01*-*******. OK?"

Carol : "OK." *came down from Jason's car*

Jason dropped me at the same Mobil Station and go to find Kai Hong...

Did I miss something? Yes. Holly Caw!! I missed this lenglui's handphone number. Carol, give me a miss call, or at least an SMS, please!!

Jason, next time, if want to eat 'tau huey', just go pasar malam lah. Cheaper, nicer, especially the Pandan, Egg, Corn and Chocolate flavours wan. Better than this.

Price of the meal = RM35 something.


  • At 3:45 PM, Anonymous Jason said…


    Its damn gay to buy flowers for you, ok? :P

    You want Carol's handphone number har?

    Call this number :

    Press 2 for English
    Press 0 to talk to operator.

    Ask for Carol Tee.

    Then you get to talk to her liao. :P

  • At 4:42 PM, Blogger Msau said…

    Jason's drive really so scary meh?? hehe...give me his car no..when saw him at road must avoid lah..haha

    u 3 so free ahh..cari makam oso donno wat time the restaurant close ahh..

  • At 5:06 PM, Blogger earl-ku said…

    hahaha when u said you wanted to go sc(steven) rite ... i assume its like late evening or nite ...

    haha ampang yong tau foo where got open that late?

    how come you guys never try the Cafe Quan in Pandan Indah? quit nice enviroment ... and i stay very near ... hahaha

  • At 6:21 PM, Blogger Milly said…

    hoiyo...make me jealous only...!! aigh..go to eat oso takp anggil saya!!!

    kiasi, next week i will go to near-ur-hosue area maybe he (my fren) will fetch me to meet u ler...

    haha..then u can bring me go out eat eat!!

  • At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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  • At 2:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

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