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Friday, August 05, 2005


Charles just got his license 2 months ago. So, he decided to fetch us out for lunch today. While sending back home...

Charles : *driving*

Traffic light : *red light*

Cars in front : *stopped*

Charles : *stopped*

A moment later...

Charles : "Ow... WTF! A 'P' driver stopped in front of us."

Me : "But last time when you took your driving test, you were also a 'P' driver mah. So, what's wrong with that?"

Charles : "Aiyah, you don't know wan lah. Drive behind a 'P' driver hor, very dangerous wan. Bile-bile masa, their engine will die off wan."

Me : "Oic."

Traffic light : *turned green*

Cars in front : *started to move*

Charles : *change gear*

Charles car : *die engine*

Charles : "WTF! What happened?"

Me : *lol*

The last man got the last laugh.


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