Kiasi aka Kiasi-ism

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

MSN Messenger

I looked back at my MSN and Yahoo Messenger. I see see saw saw, but there are no Malay on my list. Not even one. I started to think, am I a racist, only got Chinese, but no Malay. The only non-Malay on my Messenger list is Moses.

Just now, my friend (let us call her Carol) went to her school's computer room and signed in her MSN Messenger. But before she left, she forgot to sign out. So, the next computer user (let us call her ana) used her messenger. So, we just have a short chat. I can see from the way she type, she is a clear cut PURE KAMPUNG MALAY with her BAHASA PASAR. So, she asked me...

Ana : "U form rape?"

I was dumbfarked. I stared at the conversation. "I form rape?" Hey, I neither rape nor sodomize poeple, okay? i stared for about 10 seconds. At last, I understand already. She is trying to ask me, "You Form berapa?" meaning "What Form are you in?" I was ROTFLMAO.

Chatting with different dialec is really tough. I spent one whole night to read her whole conversation.