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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Sometimes I hate Asstro.
I hate Astro.
Especially the 'Wha Lai Toi'.
Which drama?
Most of the drama, plus some 'travelogue'.
I hate HK's travelogue. They seem to be quite fake. I don't know what are they trying to tell me when I watch it.
Everytime when I watch their travelogue, they always show a few actors and the actresses having fun around. Yes, tour is mend for having fun, but absolutely not for me. Their style of expressing looks sarcastic enough. Whenever they go, 'spa', 'jacuzzi' and red wine are must. Abalone or stupid high-class foods are also a must. I don't understand why are they keeping repeating the same old things even though their destination is different, aren't they? Go Japan, go for spa and jacuzzi. Go China, go for spa and jacuzzi. Go Thailand, go for spa and jacuzzi. Go South Africa, go for spa and jacuzzi. Nothing else to show kah?
Besides, they also make up some puking 'love stories' to make us puke. The stories are so fake that every love can be bloomed within a few days at overseas. And then, they also stress too much on the love theme and neglect the purpose of the tour.
Sometimes, I really wish to understand the oversea's culture or whatever cheap stuffs at there. Got cheap 'mamak-stall' anot? Got cheap pirated VCDs anot? Got cheap prostitutes anot? But ended up, they give us a cheap travelogue.
Aiyah, just compare their travelogue with the 'Discovery Channel Travel and Adventure's Travelogue', starring by Ian Wright and forgotten-the-pretty-girl's-name-already. You see the way the express, the way the bring you to a country, is totally different from those One-Star-HK's-Travelogue. At least, besides watching angmoh introduce you a certain country (at Discovery Tarvel and Adventure), you can also get to know their traditions, basic lifes, tradition foods. And you know lah, angmoh very straight forward wan. The moment the food is not nice, they will also puke the food as a warning to you. See the difference?
So, WTH is all the HK travelogue about?


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