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Saturday, August 27, 2005

To Put Or Not To Put? (2)

So, we all talk talk craps around. Jeremy can talk the best. He can talked about anything. He also talked about why he doesn't use a handphone. He has 2 handphones which are both inside the cabinet. He doesn't use them, because he fed up with handphone, he said that handphone are nuisance, handphone made him cannot 'pikat perempuan' wor.
One day, while Jeremy wanted to go to Cameron Highland with a girl (??? dunno who), suddenly his clients from US called up his handphone, forcing him not to go for holiday, must stay back and treat them. So, Jeremy no choice. He has to left that girl (so cruel) and treat his clients. So, from that day onwards, the girl was very angry. To make her happy back, he boycotted handphone loh.
So, he also talked about ants in the microwave oven also. Ants cannot be burnt to deaft if you put them in the microwave oven. And still got many more.
I also got a chance to chat with Witty. He is also taking is SPM this year. Same gang mah.
I lefted early because I got to go to somewhere after that.
So, the problem is, should I post my picture?


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