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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Alphonso Tan : BTW, what is your name ah
豆腐仔says: ooppsss.. my name is jonathan... also stated in the top right of my blog
Alphonso Tan : oh
Alphonso Tan : lupa liao
豆腐仔says: it's ok
Alphonso Tan : bcoz I always see you put 豆腐仔 wan mah
Alphonso Tan : you lke to eat taufu wan meh
豆腐仔says: yah.. like to eat tofu... white smooth succulent soft gentle tofu... nice in the mouth
Alphonso Tan : whose taufu
豆腐仔 : good source of protein as well
Alphonso Tan says: which girl's taufu you want
豆腐仔says: hahahahaa i mean food la...


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