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Sunday, August 28, 2005

YYYYYY Institution (1)

At *********** Shopping Complex…

BOT (Bitter Old Thing) : “Kiasi! Want to shop around with us?”

Me : “Shop? Er… dowan lah. I don’t like shop. I guess I will wait you at the main entrance there.”

BOTs : “Sure ah?”

Me : “Sure.”

BOTs : “OK. Will see you at the main entrance in 15 minutes time. Bye.”

Me : “Bye.” *walk away*

On the way to the entrance…

SYT promoter : “Excuse me sir.”

Me : “Yes?”

SYT : “How should I address you?”

Me : “I’m Wong.”

SYT : “Oh… Mr Wong. Have you heard about our YYYYY Institute?”

Me : *see pamphlet* *English Institute wor* “Er… no wor. Wat’s tat ah?”

SYT : “It is our YYYYY Institute. Have you heard about Cambridge before?”

Me : “Kemblit ah? Oh… got got got.” *Purposely speak in lousy English*

SYT : “Nah, this is our pamphlet. And it was recognized in 100 over countries. Got England, Australia, China, India, Tahiland… bla bla bla… aci aco… So, can I know are you in Form 5?”

Me : “Yayaya…”

SYT : “Then how’s your English? Do you speak English at home?”

Me : “My England ah? Aiyooo… I tiao you hor, my England hor, veli bad wan lah. I also dunno why lidat wan. I want to impluf, but hor, aiyah… very difiket lah. Lid oso dun unlersten wan.”

SYT : “Oh… this is your lucky day. I’ll explain more to you about this. Would you mind to tell me where do you stay?”

Me : “Oh… I stay in dis Taman Melawati wan.”
to be continued...


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