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Friday, September 02, 2005

YYYYYY Institution (2)

SYT : "Oh... that's good!! We got one branch somewhere around there. If you don't mind, you can join our course at this ******** road."
Me : "Erm... see fisrt lah. No time lah!"
SYT : "So, you study in Form 5? Taking SPM this year?""
Me : "Ya."
SYT : "So, you did really always fail in your English?"
Me : "Ya, no joke. The bloody teacher hor, I also dunno why she so terror wan. Can find so much mistakes in my essay."
SYT : "Oih... I see. So, you must come to our institute to join our course!"
Me *KNN!* "See first lah. No time lah!"
SYT : "So, you predict to get what for your English?"
Me : "Haiyah... kao kao kei kei can pass hor, I really thanks God liao loh."
SYT : "Then you got no initiative to improve your English?"
Me : "What 'insative'?" :PbPbPb~~~
SYT : "I mean, you don't wish to improve your English?"
Me : "Wat to imploof? Kenot imploof oso."
SYT : "Can... join our institute."
Me : *CCB!* "Aiyah.. see first lah. No time lah"
to be continue......


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