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Friday, September 09, 2005

YYYYYY Institution... (3)

SYT : "Can you just end me your ears for a while?"
Me : "Ken, ken."
SYT : "OK, you see. Our YYYYYY Institution has lots of benefits."
Me : Hell, all business'human' also will say that lah. "Oh, I see."
SYT : "You know what are our benefits?"
Me : You didn't say, how I know? "Dunno."
SYT : "OK. Let say, now, you are stupid in your English..."
Me : @#$%@#$%
SYT : "And if you pay and join us, you can get to learn lots of things with us. Your fees are definitely very very very very low..."
Me : fees how much ah?
SYT : "What you need to do, is just give your 6-months-fees. And then take a course that suits you. And then, if you still don't show a big improvement in your English, nevermind, we still let you to continue until you can master your English easily."
Me : "Cool. How long ah?"
SYT : "Unlimited. But within 5 years."
Me : Cheh, no more unlimited lah. "Oh, I see."
SYT : "Are you free right now?"
Me : "Yes."
SYT : "Then please come and follow me. I will give you an English test afterwards."
Me : "Ha?"
SYT : "English test. Don't worry. It is free of charge."
Me : "OK." see lah, how I power is my English *follow*
to be continue...