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Monday, October 31, 2005

4 Heavenly Kings

Tee Yam was detained.

He is one of the 4 Heavenly King (a.k.a. Big Four).

If so, who are the other 3?

Is Latuk Ho's name on the list?

Thursday, October 27, 2005

English Name

I'm living this world without my English name (or some would like to call it as "Christian name"). I am satisfy with my 3-character Chinese, as it sounds lovely and adorable. Hence, people who knows me in real life will only call out my Chinese name.

Once, the ZZZZZZ Institution (one English Institutioj) came to my school to preach people to their institution. They gave a talk, and one of my Chinese friends (neither his English, nor his Mandarin is good) felt annoyed. Thus, he went in front of the speecher and said with Bruce Lee's style, "我们中国人,黄皮肤,黑头发,要学就学华语.千万不可以学英语. (We are the Chinese, with yellow skin, and black hair. Want to learn, learn Chinese, don't learn English.)" and left the place. Obviously, the speecher was pissed off by his words.

Yesterday, I went to my Christian friend's house, and her mother gave me an English name. I felt hard to resist it as I just wanted to fulfill her wish. She gave me an English name called - Jullian.


Friday, October 21, 2005

How nice?

How nice if I marry a prime minister.

*OK, stop dreaming.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

YYYYYY Institution...(6)

SYT : "So, I sugget you to take this ... bla bla black shit... course..."

Me : "Ya ya."

SYT : "YOu take this course... good for health... save money..."


Handphone : *rang*

Me : "Excuse me..." *picked phone*

BOT : "Halo, where are you?"

Me : "Erm... still in the 'mo (mall)' lah."

BOT : "What?"

Me : "MALL! I'm still in the MALL."

BOT : "Oh, you don't want to go back izzit?"

Me : "Erm... I afraid I can't as I'm very busy right now. Enjoy your trip back and see you."

BOT : "OK, bye."

Me : "Bye" *offed handphone*

SYT : "Wow, your English is pretty good, huh?"

Me : "No lah. Where got?"

SYT : "Yeah, I can see your English is powerful. But I would like to advise you that, you better take our this course..." *point at a paper* "... and it will costs you RM2*** for 5 years.... bla bla bla ... very good ... taught by some Caucasians... recognized in 158 countries..."

Me : "Thank you. Please pass me your name card, and I will contact you later. I need to make a move first."

SYT : "I'm Sylvia Tan, and this is my card. Nice to meet you." *passed card*

Me : "Nice to meet you too." *took card, slipped inside my book as a bookmark*

Note : Her name card is still used as a bookmark.

Sunday, October 16, 2005


I see so many "zhar bors" blogs put up their birthday meters lah, baby birthday's meters lah, anniversaries lah, this lah, that lah. So, since I want to follow up the fashion, so I also applied one.

My meters...

Daisypath Ticker

Merdeka's Vacation
Daisypath Ticker

Lilypie Baby Ticker

Note : I don't know why I so 'suey' wan. My birthday falls on the first day of SPM. @$#%@$#%@$#%@$#@%$#@%#$@%$#@%$#%@#%