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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

YYYYYY Institution...(6)

SYT : "So, I sugget you to take this ... bla bla black shit... course..."

Me : "Ya ya."

SYT : "YOu take this course... good for health... save money..."


Handphone : *rang*

Me : "Excuse me..." *picked phone*

BOT : "Halo, where are you?"

Me : "Erm... still in the 'mo (mall)' lah."

BOT : "What?"

Me : "MALL! I'm still in the MALL."

BOT : "Oh, you don't want to go back izzit?"

Me : "Erm... I afraid I can't as I'm very busy right now. Enjoy your trip back and see you."

BOT : "OK, bye."

Me : "Bye" *offed handphone*

SYT : "Wow, your English is pretty good, huh?"

Me : "No lah. Where got?"

SYT : "Yeah, I can see your English is powerful. But I would like to advise you that, you better take our this course..." *point at a paper* "... and it will costs you RM2*** for 5 years.... bla bla bla ... very good ... taught by some Caucasians... recognized in 158 countries..."

Me : "Thank you. Please pass me your name card, and I will contact you later. I need to make a move first."

SYT : "I'm Sylvia Tan, and this is my card. Nice to meet you." *passed card*

Me : "Nice to meet you too." *took card, slipped inside my book as a bookmark*

Note : Her name card is still used as a bookmark.


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