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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

8th Day of SPM

Going to Merdeka!

Biology 1

Stupid mistakes are too many.

Difficulty : 1/9

Biology 2

Bahagian A:
1) Simbiosis
2) Mitosis & Meiosis
3) Peparu
4) Komposisi Sel dan Enzim
5) Salur Limfa dan Pengedaran Darah

Bahagian B (choose 1)
6) Sokongan Tumbuhan Air, Sokongan Cacing & Ikan, Otot Antagonis
7) Proses pembahagian sperma, Suntikan HCG, Kembar Seiras & Tak Seiras

Bahagian C (choose 1)
8) Hukum Mendel, Genotip & Fenotip, Kebaikan & Keburukan Kejuruteraan Genetik
9) Fenomena Rumah Hijau, Kebaikan & Keburukan Aktivit Pembalakan

Difficulty : 1/9

Biology 3

1) Eksperimen Nilai Tenaga dalam Makanan
2) Eksperimen Ubi Kentang

Difficulty : 4/9

All spotted, all rotten eggs.

But, nevermind. I declare MERDEKA first, as the last paper on Friday is EST.

Few months ago, the principle told us we should have the M****** spirit during the month of August. I told her go fly kite.

7th Day of SPM

Kimia 1

"Odd" is the word. Especially number 49 and 50.

Difficulty : 7/9

Kimia 2

Bahagian A:
1) Jadual Berkala
2) Pencuci
3) Haba penyesaran
4) Garam / Tindak balas Pengoksidaan / Penurunan
5) Alkohol
6) Elektrokimia

Bahagian B (choose 1):
1) Kadar Tindak balas
2) Analisis Kualitatif Garam

Bahagian C (Choose 1):
1) Elektrolisis
2) Ikatan Sebatian

Difficulty : 2/9

Kimia 3

Bahagian A:
1) Elektrokimia

Bahagian B (choose 1):
2a) Eksperimen untuk perbezaan aloi dan logam tulen
2b) Eksperimen kepekatan asid mempengaruhi kadar tindak balas

Difficulty : 4/9

Glad. This is the first year in history Kimia Paper 3 provide choices for the candidates. I really didn't expect that.

Overall, just hope to get A1 for this.

Tips for junior : Actually, chemistry is quite easy. Just need to understand the concepts. No need to memorize. If you think it is too hard to memorize the test for the salt, just have the "feel" with it. That's what my teacher told us.

6th Day of SPM

Add Maths 1

Everything went fine. Trigo, my speciality, also went fine.

Difficulty : 5/9

Add Maths 2

Everything went fine too.

Difficulty : 2/9

The greatest resistance in doing Add Maths is actually the time limit at Paper 2. The time given is 2.5 hours, and candidates are requested to solve 12 questions. I would say many can't finish in time. Either timeless, or don't know how to do. Some might walk out early from the exam hall, because the don't even know what to do.

Tips for juniors: If wanna do Add Maths Paper 2, choose the time-saver questions. For Section C in Add Maths, go for Pengaturcaraan Linear and Indeks Harga. And for Section B, skip the Pengamiran.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

5th Day of SPM

Pendidikan Moral:

1) Tahun Baru Cina
2) Kerajinan
3) Cinta akan negara
4) Gangsterisme
5) Hak Pengguna
6) Perlumbaan motosikal
7) Penglibatan Malaysia dalam persatuan antarabangsa

Esei: (choose 2 out of 3)
1) Nilai-nilai yang hendak dipupuk oleh kerajaan dengan menganjur sambutan rumah terbuka.
2) Nilai-nilai yang harus diamalkan oleh Malaysia dan Indonesia dalam menjalin hubungan baik antara negara selepas Mahkamah Antarabangsa telah memutuskan pemilikan Pulau Sipadan oleh Malaysia.
3) Nilai-nilai yang telah diamalkan oleh penduduk taman dalam gotong-royong.

Difficulty : 7/9

Just after finished the exam, they were discussing about a question which goes something like this:

Nyatakan jasa yang telah disumbangkan oleh Dato’ Abdul Malik Mydin dan Datuk Azhar Mansor berikut dalam mengharumkan nama negara.

Wayne : “Eh, what is the answers for this? So difficult.”

Me : “Not difficult lah. You didn’t read newspaper only.”

Michael : “I also don’t know the answer. I just leave it blank.”

Wayne : “Datuk Azhar Mansor I know lah. The yatcher who successfully sailed around the world mah.”

Me : “Correct half only. Others?”

Wayne : “Dunno. But I answered he is a boxer.”

Me : *ROTFLMAO* “What makes you answered that?”

Wayne : “Long time ago, got one Malaysian boxer won the gold medal in dunno what game. Anden the gahmen declared holiday for the next day mah.”

Me : *confused for a moment* *ROTFLMAO*2* “You wrong already lah. That one is marathon.”

Wayne : “NO! BOXING!”

Me : “Trust me. That time was 1998, during the Commonwealth Game. Yes, the boxer got gold also. But that didn’t convince the gahmen to declare holiday, because it was not the last day of the Commonwealth Game mah. Then during the last day of Commonwealth Game that time, the marathon was held mah. Bear in mind, the marathon event is always held during the last day of any sport event one. So, at that time, the ah-neh-neh Malaysian was the second, while he was behind a New Zealander. So, half way, the New Zealander buey-ta-han due to the Malaysia weather, and got dehydrated. I saw him neng-kah-hong (kaki lembut) on the TV leh. So, the Indian was leading the whole way through and got gold. Anden Malaysia gahmen very happy and so, declared one day holiday.”

Wayne : “Aiyah, whatever lah. So, what’s the answer for AM good at?”

Me : “He is the one, who sailed around the world, in more than 80 days, anden his yatch spoilt duing the halfway at Argentina Cove, anden requested for the gahmen’s help. So, the gahmen sent a petronas team there to build his yatch. And so, he finally sailed around the world. After came back, the gahmen gave him a datukship loh.”

Wayne : “I see.”

It was hilarious to get to know some stupid facts from Wayne.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

4th Day of SPM

Fizik 1

OK lah. Spotted one mistake already. I target myself not to wrong more than 5.

Difficulty : 1/9

Fizik 2

Bahagian A:
1) Ammeter bercermin paralaks
2) Interferens bunyi
3) Pantulan cahaya
4) Penyejatan, muatan haba pendam
5) Prinsip Bernoulli
6) Sistem Lif
7) Setengah Hayat
8) Get Logik

Bahagian B
1) Prinsip Archimedes
2) Pantulan Gelombang

Bahagian C
1) Kanta cembung dan kanta cekung
2) Elektrik

Difficulty : 1/9

Fizik 3

Bahagian A:
1) Jarak mampatan spring mempengaruhi halaju troli
2) Rintangan dawai konstantan

Bahagian B:
3) Hukum Tekanan
4)Halaju regarakan mempengaruhi arus aruhan

Difficulty : 8/9

My final word, it is still worth to study until 4.30 a.m.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

3rd day of SPM

Maths? Easy. Hopefully can get A1.

Matematik 1

Difficulty : 1/9

Matematik 2

1) Ungkapan dan Persamaan Kuadratik
2) Penyelesaian Persamaan
3) Graf Fungsi
4) Garis dan Satah dalam Tiga Matra
5) Garis Lurus
6) Pepejal dan Isipadu
7) Bulatan
8) Penaakulan Matematik
9) Kebarangkalian
10) Kecerunan dan Luas di bawah Graf
11) Matriks
12) Graf Fungsi
13) Penjelmaan
14) Statistik
15) Pelan dan Dongakan
16) Bumi Sebagai Sfera

Difficulty : 7/9

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2nd day of SPM

English 1

Section A:
Write a letter and tell your friend about a three-day outdoor activity camp.

Section B: (choose one)
a) Describe a biggest challenge in your life.
b) Write a story with the title : An Unexpected Visitor
c) How to keep oneself healthy
d) If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?
e) Music

Difficulty : 1/9

English 2:

Poem : Si Tenggang's Homecoming
Short Story : Looking for a Rain God
Novel : "Love is important for family" Describe.

Difficulty : 5/9

Sejarah 2:

1) Undang-undang Rom (Hukum Kanun 12, Hukum Kanun Justinian)
2) Hijrah
3) Tanaman Komersial
4) Penentangan di Sabah and Sarawak
Esei: (choose 3 out of 5)
5) Sumbagan Rome dalam kehidupan kini & Peperiksaan di Tamadun China
6) Cara Perkembangan Tamadun Islam & Kesan-kesan Perkembangan Islam dalam bidang kesenian.
7) Sebab-sebab imperialis Barat menjajah negara-negara di Asia Tenggara & kesan kesan imperialisme Barat di negara-negara di Asia Tenggara
8) Reaksi Penubuhan Malaysia pada 1963 di Singapura, Sabah, Sarawak, dan Brunei & Cara-cara penentangan Indonesia.
9) Sebab-sebab kemunculan 2 blok kuasa (blok pro-Barat dan Komunis) & cara-cara 2 blok kuasa memperkukuh pengaruh mereka

Difficulty : 3/9

But English 1 is a problem now as I used up one hour for Section 1 and I only had 45 minutes for question 2. I got no choice, so I inserted a poem in it. And also inserted some religion part, like "I believe that God is walking with me". Hopefully the examiner will bring up the marks.

English 2, didn't expect that "Love is important for family" will come out. Anyway, just hantam, and left the hall, because I need to revise my history.

Michael, who sits behind me, is mastered in writing love essays. For every exam for English 1, he would choose a topic which he can write some of his love stories or compose some by himself. But this time, he looked here and there, but still find no idea how to write a love story.

I didn't expect that History Paper 2 is so easy. But I still flunk in my first question. Normal lah, my basic for everything is that bad.

I got tips for tomorrow Maths for Bahagian B :

Set (Question 1)
Pepejal dan Isipadu (Question 2)
Penaakulan Matematik (Question 3)
Trigonometri (Question 4)
Ungkapan dan Persamaan Kuadratik (Question 5)
Garis Lurus (Question 6)
Ungkapan dan Persamaan Kuadratik (Question 7)
Kebaragkalian (Question 8)
Matriks (Question 9)
Kecerunan dan Luas di bawah Graf (Question 10)
Bulatan (Question 11)
Graf Fungsi (Question 12)
Penjelmaan (Question 13)
Statistik (Question 14)
Pelan dan Dongakan (Question 14)
Bumi Sebagai Sfera (Question 15)

Don't worry, confirmed come out one! I'm waiting for my lunch.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Birthday Boy!!

I am the birthday boy! I am the birthday boy!

My opposite neighbour, which are a pair of old cocks, had moved out to somewhere else 2 weeks ago. What I previously knew was, there's another tenant moved into the house opposite to mine, and they are Buddhists. I can see an altar from my window view.

Just after my mee-suah soup breakfast, I wore my stocks and shoes, preparing to face birthday-exam. After that, I stood up, and saw a girl who wear a school uniform and with her pony tail, entering into the house. I suspected she is Form 5 now, and also having her SPM today. I also noticed an ah-sahm get down from the maroon-colour Proton Saga. I then asked my father, "Are they the new tenants of the house?" which my father replied, "Yes. I see this car everyday parking in from of the house". wtf?!?! My new neighbour?!?! My classmate?!?! The @$#%@$#% H from the SHE?!? I got a feeling of fear. Why the world so farked up?

I went to school. I didn't dare to ask H anything. Until her friend asked, "Eh, you moved? Why I see nothing in your house?" die Blardy sh1t. Never mind. No matter how, still have to exam. Here's the preview of the exam. Forcasts before the exam are very far much different.

BM Paper 1:

Bahagian A:
Gejala Vandalisme (predicted)

Bahagian B :
1) Remaja suka ikut trend dari segi gaya hidup dan berpakaian (Ulasan)
2) Peranan keluarga dalam pembentukan sahsiah anak-anak (Pendapat)
3) Ushaa yang perlu dilkaukan oleh pihak perkenaan untuk meningkatkan mutu sukan negara (rencana)
4) Persengketan dan peperangan telah menjejaskan keharmonian sosial dan perkembangan ekonomi dunia. (komen)
5) Bulat air kerana pembentung, bulat manusia kerana bermuafakat (peribahasa/cerpen)

Difficulty : 1/9*

Sejarah Paper 1: Quite "OK"

Difficulty : 4/9*

BM Paper 2:
Rumusan :

1) Puteri Li Po
2) Cerita Bayan Tiada Menurut kata Ibu Bapanya
3) Sejarah

Bina Ayat :
tatasusila, tatacara, prasyarat, prasejarah, dwibahasa, dwitahunan
Novel :
1) 2 peristiwa yang paling menarik, jelaskan
2) Perbandingan 1 latar tempat antara 2 novel

Difficulty : 8/9*

* the more the tougher; the less, the easier. Bassed on some proffesionals' view.

What a birthday. I'd been waiting for 3 years, still like that.

Anyway, thanks to Juju for the call, and also jason and Milly for the SMSes.

Moral of the story/Thought of the day: Why the world so farked up?

Saturday, November 12, 2005

ai pia ea a ia

2 more days to go.

Ai Pia Ea A Ia

Must put effort to win.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Where Is One More University?!?!

I see the whole blogosphere is making fool of the Malaysia universities. I got no idea, and can't do any action, but just to accept this fact. I see the Malaysia universities standard has dropped.

But wait a minute...

Where is our Lame Cock Wane University?!?!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Psstt... any tips for SPM this year? If any reader do, please send me a mail.

Ada lori ada bas,
Ada hari boleh balas.


Tuesday, November 01, 2005

*Bang Head Against The Wall*

I just got to know that an SYT loved me long time ago. 2 years I think. But I didn't confess to her. And now, she has a boyfriend. *Bang head against the wall* But nevermind, I think I'm much much better than her current boyfriend.

Note : The SYT really pretty wan leh. Body shape very de nice summore.