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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2nd day of SPM

English 1

Section A:
Write a letter and tell your friend about a three-day outdoor activity camp.

Section B: (choose one)
a) Describe a biggest challenge in your life.
b) Write a story with the title : An Unexpected Visitor
c) How to keep oneself healthy
d) If you were given a chance to be anybody, who would you want to be and why?
e) Music

Difficulty : 1/9

English 2:

Poem : Si Tenggang's Homecoming
Short Story : Looking for a Rain God
Novel : "Love is important for family" Describe.

Difficulty : 5/9

Sejarah 2:

1) Undang-undang Rom (Hukum Kanun 12, Hukum Kanun Justinian)
2) Hijrah
3) Tanaman Komersial
4) Penentangan di Sabah and Sarawak
Esei: (choose 3 out of 5)
5) Sumbagan Rome dalam kehidupan kini & Peperiksaan di Tamadun China
6) Cara Perkembangan Tamadun Islam & Kesan-kesan Perkembangan Islam dalam bidang kesenian.
7) Sebab-sebab imperialis Barat menjajah negara-negara di Asia Tenggara & kesan kesan imperialisme Barat di negara-negara di Asia Tenggara
8) Reaksi Penubuhan Malaysia pada 1963 di Singapura, Sabah, Sarawak, dan Brunei & Cara-cara penentangan Indonesia.
9) Sebab-sebab kemunculan 2 blok kuasa (blok pro-Barat dan Komunis) & cara-cara 2 blok kuasa memperkukuh pengaruh mereka

Difficulty : 3/9

But English 1 is a problem now as I used up one hour for Section 1 and I only had 45 minutes for question 2. I got no choice, so I inserted a poem in it. And also inserted some religion part, like "I believe that God is walking with me". Hopefully the examiner will bring up the marks.

English 2, didn't expect that "Love is important for family" will come out. Anyway, just hantam, and left the hall, because I need to revise my history.

Michael, who sits behind me, is mastered in writing love essays. For every exam for English 1, he would choose a topic which he can write some of his love stories or compose some by himself. But this time, he looked here and there, but still find no idea how to write a love story.

I didn't expect that History Paper 2 is so easy. But I still flunk in my first question. Normal lah, my basic for everything is that bad.

I got tips for tomorrow Maths for Bahagian B :

Set (Question 1)
Pepejal dan Isipadu (Question 2)
Penaakulan Matematik (Question 3)
Trigonometri (Question 4)
Ungkapan dan Persamaan Kuadratik (Question 5)
Garis Lurus (Question 6)
Ungkapan dan Persamaan Kuadratik (Question 7)
Kebaragkalian (Question 8)
Matriks (Question 9)
Kecerunan dan Luas di bawah Graf (Question 10)
Bulatan (Question 11)
Graf Fungsi (Question 12)
Penjelmaan (Question 13)
Statistik (Question 14)
Pelan dan Dongakan (Question 14)
Bumi Sebagai Sfera (Question 15)

Don't worry, confirmed come out one! I'm waiting for my lunch.


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