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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

6th Day of SPM

Add Maths 1

Everything went fine. Trigo, my speciality, also went fine.

Difficulty : 5/9

Add Maths 2

Everything went fine too.

Difficulty : 2/9

The greatest resistance in doing Add Maths is actually the time limit at Paper 2. The time given is 2.5 hours, and candidates are requested to solve 12 questions. I would say many can't finish in time. Either timeless, or don't know how to do. Some might walk out early from the exam hall, because the don't even know what to do.

Tips for juniors: If wanna do Add Maths Paper 2, choose the time-saver questions. For Section C in Add Maths, go for Pengaturcaraan Linear and Indeks Harga. And for Section B, skip the Pengamiran.


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