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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

7th Day of SPM

Kimia 1

"Odd" is the word. Especially number 49 and 50.

Difficulty : 7/9

Kimia 2

Bahagian A:
1) Jadual Berkala
2) Pencuci
3) Haba penyesaran
4) Garam / Tindak balas Pengoksidaan / Penurunan
5) Alkohol
6) Elektrokimia

Bahagian B (choose 1):
1) Kadar Tindak balas
2) Analisis Kualitatif Garam

Bahagian C (Choose 1):
1) Elektrolisis
2) Ikatan Sebatian

Difficulty : 2/9

Kimia 3

Bahagian A:
1) Elektrokimia

Bahagian B (choose 1):
2a) Eksperimen untuk perbezaan aloi dan logam tulen
2b) Eksperimen kepekatan asid mempengaruhi kadar tindak balas

Difficulty : 4/9

Glad. This is the first year in history Kimia Paper 3 provide choices for the candidates. I really didn't expect that.

Overall, just hope to get A1 for this.

Tips for junior : Actually, chemistry is quite easy. Just need to understand the concepts. No need to memorize. If you think it is too hard to memorize the test for the salt, just have the "feel" with it. That's what my teacher told us.


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