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Monday, November 14, 2005

Birthday Boy!!

I am the birthday boy! I am the birthday boy!

My opposite neighbour, which are a pair of old cocks, had moved out to somewhere else 2 weeks ago. What I previously knew was, there's another tenant moved into the house opposite to mine, and they are Buddhists. I can see an altar from my window view.

Just after my mee-suah soup breakfast, I wore my stocks and shoes, preparing to face birthday-exam. After that, I stood up, and saw a girl who wear a school uniform and with her pony tail, entering into the house. I suspected she is Form 5 now, and also having her SPM today. I also noticed an ah-sahm get down from the maroon-colour Proton Saga. I then asked my father, "Are they the new tenants of the house?" which my father replied, "Yes. I see this car everyday parking in from of the house". wtf?!?! My new neighbour?!?! My classmate?!?! The @$#%@$#% H from the SHE?!? I got a feeling of fear. Why the world so farked up?

I went to school. I didn't dare to ask H anything. Until her friend asked, "Eh, you moved? Why I see nothing in your house?" die Blardy sh1t. Never mind. No matter how, still have to exam. Here's the preview of the exam. Forcasts before the exam are very far much different.

BM Paper 1:

Bahagian A:
Gejala Vandalisme (predicted)

Bahagian B :
1) Remaja suka ikut trend dari segi gaya hidup dan berpakaian (Ulasan)
2) Peranan keluarga dalam pembentukan sahsiah anak-anak (Pendapat)
3) Ushaa yang perlu dilkaukan oleh pihak perkenaan untuk meningkatkan mutu sukan negara (rencana)
4) Persengketan dan peperangan telah menjejaskan keharmonian sosial dan perkembangan ekonomi dunia. (komen)
5) Bulat air kerana pembentung, bulat manusia kerana bermuafakat (peribahasa/cerpen)

Difficulty : 1/9*

Sejarah Paper 1: Quite "OK"

Difficulty : 4/9*

BM Paper 2:
Rumusan :

1) Puteri Li Po
2) Cerita Bayan Tiada Menurut kata Ibu Bapanya
3) Sejarah

Bina Ayat :
tatasusila, tatacara, prasyarat, prasejarah, dwibahasa, dwitahunan
Novel :
1) 2 peristiwa yang paling menarik, jelaskan
2) Perbandingan 1 latar tempat antara 2 novel

Difficulty : 8/9*

* the more the tougher; the less, the easier. Bassed on some proffesionals' view.

What a birthday. I'd been waiting for 3 years, still like that.

Anyway, thanks to Juju for the call, and also jason and Milly for the SMSes.

Moral of the story/Thought of the day: Why the world so farked up?