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Monday, December 12, 2005

Brainstorming session

I was having a brainstorming session last night. For the whole 7 hours, I'd been asking around what course whould I take, and which college should I enrol.

Basically, I scored 6 A1s (History, Maths, Add Maths, BM, English and EST) , 3 A2s (Chemistry, Physic and Moral) and 1 B3 (Biology) in my SPM trial. I would say that I'm good in figures, calculating, and understanding concepts.

Upon the brainstorming session, some had advised me whether should I take accounting or not:

Gahyoong : "Good. Accounting is good. The market is demanding. Great choice."

Ian : "It is up to you. You can take accounting, if you are interested. But I do think that you can be part of science, such as physics. So basiaclly you have choices, either to be an engineer or accountant. Both also can promise a good future."

5xMom : "Good. Bright future. Goyang kaki. The higher rank, the easier."

Carryn : "Engineer. High paid."

Su Zen : "Accounting! Very easy one!"

A pervert : "Accounting brings u no where but end up as farker." *puketh*

Basically, I think accountant has more chances to get a job than engineer. In terms of environment, can see more girls around. An electronic company might need acountants, but an accounting firm might not need engineers.

Now, which college to enrol?

Julliana : Taylors!

Mun Kit : Sunway! Sunway is much better!

Gahyoong : According to here, better Sunway of TARC loh, if you want to take ACCA.

Jason : Sunway, if you can afford the fees, kiasuness, rich people showing off et al. But I advice you go MMU. Since you are in KL, don't join KL's MMU. Come to Malacca MMU!

A pervert : "HELP Institute! Come! I'm going to study at HELP! Last time Wong Choon Hann also studied at HELP!"

Basically, many of my friends are entering Taylors, but they are taking different courses with me. One of my friends is entering Sunway and he chooses accounting also. I know nuts about accounting, but I think I will go for it.

Come on! Dear bloggers yang berpengalaman! What course chould I take? Which college should I enrol?


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