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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Christmas Meme

5xMom tagged me again.

State who tagged you;
- List who you want your Santa Claus to be (the bearer of the gift);
- State the gift you wish to get;
- Then invite a few friends to join the tag, and inform them by dropping a comment in their blog.

Who I want my Santa Claus to be?
Su Zen!! Belanja me GayFC when you are back in Malaysia!!!

The gift I wish to get?
- Su Zen's GayFC!!!
- Good results in SPM
- Can cope up in accounting
- More and more tuition students!
- More money!
- Single!

Who I want to tag?
- Su Zen (I will still tag Su Zen) I will replace this tag to another blogger, if you treat me. Muahaha!!!
- Young Brat
- Pikey Dude


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