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Friday, December 09, 2005

Food Meme

5xMom tagged me.

Name five foods from your childhood that you missed. Link the five blogs that were tagged, including yours. Pass the meme to another three person.

5 foods from my childhood that I missed:

1) Ais Batang

I remembered while the school bus is stopping at another school and waiting for the other students from that school, there's an old-lady (not quite old lah, but about 50s like that) would vendor ice batang. The ice batang is wrapped with a plastic tube with both ends knotted, and is filled with all sorts of liquids in it. There are various type of flavours. Purple is grape flavour, black is Coke flavour, white is lychee flavour and et al. One stick is sold for 20 sen. So, it is still cheap for me to get one everyday. As usual, no picture in my blog.

2) Chocolate Teddy Biscuits

I just ate one pack. Picture can be found at here, code number 53681. You all know lah, children mah, sure like that one. They usually like cartoon pictures.

3) 无花果 Mo Fa Goh (fruit without flower)

No picture, because I couldn't google for it. We use to call it "giam giam" (salty salty) as an abbreviation. Short, double-same-character, and yet, easy to remember. I had an accident about this during last time. I almost forgot about the incident. Nothing went into my mind about this. But my father told me once, when I was small, before kindergarten, I was holding the mo fa goh cylinder tube and was running hither and thither. The cylinder tube is made of some sort of plastic. And then, I fell down and broke the cylinder tube into pieces. Some of the pieces cut through my eyebrow. My father also told me that I didn't cry. So, I was brought to the clinic, detached the broken pieces and sewed back the wound. I couldn't see the would, nor I can't feel it no matter how I try my best to feel it. Maybe it has gone. We didn't sue the mo fa goh company. Don't worry.

4) Infant cereal porridge

The last time I ate this was at Standard 3. My aunt moved into my house, as the Malaysia economy was very bad at that moment. She had a baby at that time. So, she used to feed her with the "Infact Cereal Porridge". And also she offered me some. It is quite nice. She also took some of it. I want some, but I think it is quite foolish for me to have it right now. My aunt later moved into a big house. And later divorced her husband as he got fired by his company. He left 3 kids behind him. Quite pathetic. I'll try to describe the situation later on, if there's a chance for me.

5) Kacang kuda hijau tanah putih kuning goreng rebus

You know, it is damn stupid to remember their names. There are all sorts of kacang out side there, and you are require to tell them their exact names. No kuda, and they name it kuda. What a moron. Nevermind, come back to the topic. I used to eat it last time. There's usually one rule to eat something. Skins do actually taste nicer. The best taste for roasted chicken is the skin. The best taste of the mooncake is at the skin also. And I think this applies to the kacang as well. Especially the rebus one. First, put the whole nut into the mouth, and wet it with saliva, and then slowly peel the nut with the teeth. After finish peeling of the skin, then only eat the nut. I think it is an enjoyment, but it takes long time. I couldn't have this now, as my allergy will coming back during the next day. So stupid.

Five blogs that were tagged (easy only mah, just copy from here lah):

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Pass this meme to another three person:

1) Ian (A new blogger. Should encourage him to write more stuffs)
2) Pikey Dude (Act of God lah)
3) Loc Kee (Long time no see you online already)


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