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Friday, December 23, 2005

I Hate My School!!!!!

I went to my school this morning (just now) to get some "certified-particulars". No one was ready to welcome me. PKHEM (Penolong Kanan) is on-leave, as well as others. Only the Pengetua, a clerk and some low-post teachers. I had stood at the counter and waited there for 10 minutes.

Later, a mother and her son walked in the office by the door and asked some questions. I saw 2 men walked out from the Pengetua's office. After the son-and-mom couple leaved the office, the clerk headed to me and asked what I want. I told them I just need my "Sijil Berhenti Sekolah" to be certified. And she said the Pengetua is busying with some outsiders. She also told me that I've to wait until 3 o'clock, or else, next week.

I need to get my form ready as I need to submit to the college. I don't want to stay at the house to "berkulat". I miss my studies.

I wish that I could become a crony.


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