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Saturday, December 17, 2005

I'm Currently Blogging From Mentakab

I'm currently blogging from Mentakab. I just arrived here.

The Karak Highway was jammed just now, and I suspect will be jammed forever. Reason: 1) Stupid road rangers didn't dontrol the traffic.
2) Stupid highway only got 2 lanes.
3) Stupid highway owner building 5 stretches along the highway, and drivers have to squeeze from 3 lanes to 1 lane.
4) Stupid drivers don't know how to drive, caused accidents.
5) Stupid drivers want to keh-poh for the accidents and caused jam.

3 hours from KL to Mentakab.

There is a Petronas Kiosk 3km before the Karak Toll. Oh... Mien Gott Im Himmel. I went for the toilet, and you know what? More than 60 girls are queueing for the girl's toilet. The queue streches about 30 metres long. Boys? Not so long. About 5 boys are infront of me when I want to enter the toilet. The toilet has 6 cubicles, and this will also caused jam.

This is Kiasi, currently blogging from Mentakab, is signing off. Hopefully won't strike lottery this time.


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