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Monday, December 26, 2005

Is Smiling A Sin?

I was on my way back from Malacca to KL yesterday.

On my way back, in the car, Charles called me up:

Charles : "Wei, where are you now?"

Me : "I'm on my way back home. Mud Chad?"

Charles : "Call me when you've reached home."

Me : "OK. Anything?"

Charles : *hung up the phone*

I suspected he wants to call me out for a cup of drink. So, I tried my best to reach home as fast as possible.

When I'm about to reach home, just a 3 minutes drive from my house, I called up Charles twice, which ended up as unanswered calls.

I reached home at about 8.50 p.m. and I saw my opposite neighbour (which is my ex-classmate, H) is having a party. I pretended nothing, and packed my belongings into my house:

Mom : "Hey, they are having a party opposite there. Are you gonna join your classmates?"

Me : "See first lah. If they call, I just show my face loh."

Mom : "I see."

I went opposite. No one invited me in. It was nothing to me. So, I called Charles out of H's house. Next, Charles pulled me to a nearby junction, whereby Michael also followed up.

Charles : "Aiyah, just now sorry lah. When you called me just now, I hung up your phone."

Me : "Oh... it's ok."

Charles : "Just now when I reached here, I didn't see anyone is in the house. So, I thought of calling you to come over (to H's house)."

Me : "OK. Then you called me?"

Charles : "Then I called you. But H's mom came towards me, and scolded me."

Me : *dumbfounded* "Why?"

Charles : "She called me not to invite you o'er. She said you are crazy."

Michael : "Yaloh. If my mother is like her hor, I'm gonna chase her out of my house."

Charles : "Sorry. I gotta go back to her house now. I've paid for the party. I'll call you out when I've finished eating."

Me : "OK."

Michael : "What time do you usually sleep?"

Me : "2. My door will is opening anytime."

I went back later on.

After the party, Charles, Michael and me went out for a drink.

Apparently he told everything to us. 9 of our classmates, wanted to invite me over to the party. So, everybody suggested Charles to call me. After he called me, H's mon came and scolded him. H's mom said my whole family members are crazy, because we smiled at them once, and so, she concluded my family as a "crazy family". Charles was stunned and very angry at that moment. Everyone was looking at him being scolded by H's mother.

I've never see such an inane, insane, lame, pervert, moron, and what-else (?) mother. Smiling is a sin?

"You tidak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!", by MP for Jerai, Kedah, Dato' Paduka Haji Badruddin bin Amiruldin.


  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger andycjw said…

    it depends on the situation lor, if her mother was doing something embarassing, and you guys saw her, and smile at her (which she might interpreted as laughing at her), then she is not at wrong to think this way, just a simple misunderstanding, even if you have no idea what you see at that time is embarassing to her.

  • At 8:39 PM, Blogger kiasi said…

    andy : Nope. She didn't do something which will embarress herself.

  • At 9:53 PM, Anonymous P said…

    huh? like that also can ar?
    well, to be honest, that's the weirdest i've ever heard to be called crazy for.

  • At 11:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »


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