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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Charles just passed his driving test. So he fetched me out for lunch.

The way back home, a traffic light stopped 3 cars in front us.

Charles : *braked* "The car driver in front us must be just got his driving license. See his car? So big gap between his car and the second car in front."

Me : "I notice."

Charles : "See lah, afterwards. Sure die engine one when his car move."

Me : "I see."

Traffic light : *turned green*

Car in front us : *moved smoothly*

Me : *LOL*

Charles : *change gear* released brake* *stepped pedal*

Car : *die engine*

Me : *LMAO*

Charles : "WTF!" *restarted engine*

Car : *started to accelerate*

Traffic light : *turned yellow, and next, green*

Charles : "KNNMCB!" * braked*

Car : "Stopped before the line*



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