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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The non-gentlements and the gentlement

I attended the driving course just now.
Let me explain the plan:
Red colour - Seats which were fully occupied
Cyan colour - The place where I sat
Yellow colour - Lecturer's table
Other colours - Will explained later
The lectur hall is fully occupied. It was our tea-break during 2.30 p.m. We were given a 30-minute recess and were ordered to return in time, and sit back our own seat.
2.57 p.m. 3 minutes to 3. 2 unknown guys entered the hall. They hadn't attend the previous lesson before the tea-break, and they just sat on 2 empty seats (which was coloured as green). The seats were actually occupied by 2 girls, and both of the girls weren't return yet. As we know, girls usually take quite a long time to eat, to pee-pee, to wash hands, et al...
1 minute had passed. Both of the girl came in. They found out that they "original" seats were being occupied by 2 unknowns. They argued with the 2 boys and the the girl lost in the arguement. They were very angry. The lecturer ordered us to sit back our own seats, and yet, nothing happened. In a no-choice situation, one of the girl sat at the corner edge of the hall, and the another girl stood at the blue-colour spot. All the people were discussing about the "ungentlement" of the both guys. They are totally absurd, and disgusting.
A boy, who is around my age, was sitting at the grey-colour spot at that particular moment. He looked back towards the poor, standing girl who was still stnaind at the blue spot. He gave a sign-language to the girl and trying to tell her to sit at his place. He stood up and offered a place for the girl. The girl walked to the place, sat at his place (grey-colour spot) and thanked him. He replied with a smile, and walked to the blue-colour spot with the arrow shows. And, he stood there straight, as if he was marching. We were flabbergastered, and at last, we burst into laughter. He stood blushly.
The lecturer asked him why he was standing, which he replied, "Saya takde tempat duduk (I don't have a seat)." The teacher then pulled in a computer chair from outside of the lectur hall to the purple-colour spot and called him to have his seat at there.
The situation lasted for another hour. In the mean time, I was sleeping later on. But after the class, he walked towards to girl (not the girl walked towards him), and he shook and greeted the girl. I was sitting behind and we gave him an applause for his "gentlement"ness.


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