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Friday, December 16, 2005

Wang Xue Jing at TARC also?

At first, I don't quite believe TARC has many bloggers around. And so, I google for it: "TARC + blog". I stumbled upon one of Kenny Sia's post.

Go look for the second comment.

I heard that Wang Xue Jing is currently studying in TARC (Tunku Abdul Rahman College) ler. She is like 1-2 years younger than me, born in 1985 or 1986, I think. I never like them too. At this age, they can't sing pop songs or love songs, neither they are suitable to sings children songs or nursery rhymes. So, their album sucks as they consisted of capalang english songs or some recomposed tunes. :)

Hmm, I agree with all your points. No doubt! Had a good laugh!

Commented by: Jason at April 8, 2005 11:20 PM

And so, I asked Jason:

[23:29] Alphonso Tan: eh
[23:29] Alphonso Tan: I wanna go to TARC
[23:29] Jason: yeap
[23:29] Jason: good luck
[23:29] Jason: hahahah
[23:29] Alphonso Tan: you think I can pikat get Wang Xue Jing anot ah?
[23:29] Jason: all the best
[23:29] Alphonso Tan: :P
[23:29] Jason: Shes fat and ugly lah
[23:29] Alphonso Tan: how you know?
[23:30] Jason: u never see her b4 meh?
[23:30] Jason: duh~
[23:30] Alphonso Tan: no wor
[23:30] Jason: not fat lah
[23:30] Jason: chubby
[23:30] Jason: so young age aldy go slimming center.. tsk tsk tsk
[23:30] Alphonso Tan: ic
[23:30] Alphonso Tan: what course ah?
[23:30] Jason: dunno
[23:31] Alphonso Tan: nvm
[23:31] Jason: :D
[23:32] Alphonso Tan: lemme snap her picture lah
[23:32] Alphonso Tan: if I see her
[23:32] Jason: i not xi1 han3

You think I can anot?

*run away fast fast*


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