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Friday, December 16, 2005

Why I Choose Accounting

Basically there are 2 options in my mind: accounting and engineering. I went to the TARC receptionists and aksed some stupid quesitons.

I went to the "Accountancy and Business Studies" department, and I only see girls at there.

I went to the "Engineering Building Technology Apparel Manufacturing" department:

Me : Can I ask a question?
Receptionist : Yes, you may.
Me : Is most of the engeering students are boys?
Receptionist : *LOL* Yes. And that's normal lah.
Me : *LOL* Why ah?
Receptionist : Because boys are usually good in Physics and Maths.
Me : I see.
Receptionist : Usually there are 100 students in a class and not more than 10 girls in it.
Me : Wow!
Receptionist : There's once when my students complained to me and said that there's only 2 girls in their class.
Me : *LOL*
Receptionist : But there's once where there are many girls in my class.
Me : Owh...
Receptionist : And the girls cover 10% of the students in the class.
Me *aghast* A.....and you called that "many"?
Receptionist : Yeah.
Me : *@#@$#%@$#%@$%#*

And that's why.


  • At 3:05 PM, Blogger andycjw said…

    silly boy, things don't work that way.
    you see, the class in uni is not the same thing as it was in high school. it's a major advantage to have a huge pool of males together in a same major. this way, we can have 聯誼 (what is this called in english? meetup?) of male dominant course and female dominat course. ever heard of the story that one stick snaps easily but a bunch of them strong as hell? same thing.


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