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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Fortune Teller

It was 11.23 p.m. 37 more minutes to Chinese New Year.

Whole family : *watching TV*

Fortune Teller on TV : "Those whose horoscope is Dragon..."

Sister : "Oh... kor... Yours! Yours! The fortune teller is going to tell you about your fate!"

Me : "Hmm... Okay."

Fortune Teller on TV : "... if you are going to marry this year, it will be a wise choice..."

Me : "Oh! I can kahwin this year!!!"

Mom : "Your head lah!"

New ET (1)

ET (English Teacher) is still the best, no matter in college or in secondary school. Our ET, Mr Raymond (Indian), will only get 2 types of comments from his students: extremely good or tremendously nightmare. He has a bad habit of blinking eyes. I don't know why. Maybe our tutorial hours are always at 3.00 p.m, which is his "ungodly hour". He likes to scare people.

ET : "OK~~, I wrote a sentence just now, "The lad said to the lass, 'I love you with all of my heart.' Can anyone tell me what goes wrong?"

Everyone : *dumbfounded*

ET : "Come on. Think! Think!"

3 minutes later...

ET : "Now, how can you love a person with your hea~~rt? The function of the heart is to pump the blood to the whole body parts. And How can you love a person with you heart? Next time, don't be so stupid! Don't be a 'so-chai'. Love a person with your mind!"

Everyone : "OK."

ET : "Now, tell me. Is love a positive thing?"

Everyone : "Ye~~s."

ET : *walk towards a girl in front* "If a boy walk to you and tells you than he loves you, are you happy?"

Girl : *sweat* "Er... Er... Yes."

ET : "OK. If your boyfriend comes and tells you that he loves you with all of his mind, are you happy?"

Girl : "Yes."

ET : "Since love is a positive things, do you think that having one boyfriend is enough?"

Everyone : *dumbfounded*

Thursday, January 26, 2006

My MP4

Another song in my MP4 Player.

Hungarian Rhapsody by Liszt

My MP4

On of the songs in my MP4 player:


I was riding on the Putra coach today. I took a place and sat down. I saw an ant craling on my bag. Being decided to be nice for that day, I relocated the ant back to the window safely. Ant is still a life.

Business students are always nice. They don't fight against the God's will :P They don't simply kill animals as their guinea-pig :P They don't create some names and concepts that confuse people. Seriously. What is fixed, is fixed.

OK, back to the topic. Ants are without brains. They work diligently, but at the end, they still don't know what are they working for. They don't have brains, and that's why they work. They don't have brain, but they are still smarter than some people who just know how to enjoy, but didn't realize how poor are they. Sigh, but pathetic.

Crapping post again.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

About TARC

It has been sometime since I joined TARC. 2 weeks plus. So, it's a norm for people to ask me how I feel about TARC.

Friend : "Hey, so how's TARC?"

Me : "Very good. Not as bad as what they talk."

Friend : "What about students at there?"

Me : "Oh... scary man."

Friend : "Why?"

Me : "99% Chinese. Even the 1% non-Chinese can also speak Chinese."

Friend : *LOL* "Serious?"

Me : "Serious, I tell you! Our class' trasurer is a mix-blooded. half Portuguese, half Dutch, also can speak Cantonese. You won't be surprised by that."


I travel via Pewtela (almost) everyday. It's more KL-Centralizing than the Setar. But the Pewtela coaches are definitely much shorter than the Setar. Everyday I travel against the traffic from Ampang Park to Wangsa Maju, I will see people get neglected at the corridor. The problem is, they really don't have a small gap to let them to squeeze into. Even when I stepped out at Wangsa Maju Station (3rd stop from the beginning), people already find difficulties to step into the coach.

Good things about Pewtela is, they are quite consistent. Coach will arrive every 3 minutes, unless something really wrong happened.

Today I took a Pewtela coach from Taman Melati to Masjid Jamek. I don't know what's wrong with that coach, but it doesn't have chairs. Not all, but just some parts. but those parts are already occupied by the neededs. I don't know why they dismantel those parts.

Pewtela is also kinda "noisy". Seriously, when you come to certain parts, when they are announcing their next destination, the sounds are too loud to cover the voices.

One night, I was travelling the Pewtela from Taman Bahagia (2nd last station) to Jelatek. It was around 11.30 p.m. And we have a debate competition for the next day. We were rushing to enter into the Pewtela. The problem is not with us though. On the way back home, the Pewtela stopped at Kg Baru. For those who haven't came down from Kg Baru, I persuade you to try it out once, walk out from that station. It is a really "kampung" area. Flats and single lousy storey-houses around. No cab. No public transport in the midnight. We were trapped at that night and managed to get back by our own transport at 1 a.m.

Now, everyday, I'm worrying about this problem will occur again. I take the 8.27 a.m. Pewtela ride from Ampang Park everyday and reach Wangsa Maju at 8.42 a.m. I can't afford to late. If anything happens, "whole thing" gone.

Chinese Crapping Post

燕子去了, 有再回来的时候; 杨柳枯了, 有再青的时候, 桃花谢了, 有再开的时候. 但是, 聪明的, 你告诉我, 我们的日子为什么一去不返呢?

我并非一个浪漫的人, 也并非生存在于一个开朗的生活当中, 但是, 至少我相信"改变". 我相信一个粗鲁的人也有温柔的一面, 忙碌的人也有空闲的时间. 就好象金庸所说过 - "...小说的主要任务之一是创造人物;好人、坏人、有缺点的好人、有优点的坏人等等..." 或者说, 阴阳也得要平衡.

<<夜光曲>> 是我不知不觉中在一个深夜当中吸引我的一首曲子. 不知道为什么, 觉得它罕有的不仅是 "闷", 而且也有些"幽默感". 去年, 可说是我一生当中最难趴过的一年. 但是要过的, 也都过了. 说得对, "要过的,也都过了". 我又在此地向她表白, 而那却是她的答案.

也许未必是一件好事. "有始有终". 也许若再一起, 可能也得在此伤害她的心.

有人因为流浪到渡口,有人思念靠不到岸;有人不能忘情于繁华中,有人日复一日赶着同样的梦. 于是《摆渡人》的歌,遗忘在渡口的流转之间... 而那些人们都醉了,没有人还能单独醒着.



Yay yay. Few days ago, my dad gave me the permission to get a girlfriend.

Things actually get started like that...

Dad : "So, how's TARC?"

Me : "OK loh. But that side hor, many couples holding hands leh."

Dad : "Oh, if you want to get a girlfriend also can. But make sure you must maintain your studies lah."

Actually, I didn't mean to ask his permission to get a girlfriend. But nothing change in my life also. I know about myself. My look sure won't attract girls. Secondly, I ain't a romantic and sentimental guy. Third, I don't have any forte. Fourth, I'm poor. So, what girlfriend ah?

Besides, I know what he thinks too. He wants me to get a girlfriend, who is pretty, who is smart, who wears spectacles, who is younger than me, who is slim enough...... you name it. But my criterias? Totally opposite. In the end, haihz......

At least, I learned from my mistake, "Who cares?"

Monday, January 23, 2006

Kepong Bloggers Gathering

OK, OK. I'm still in consideration whether want to attend the bloggers meeting at Kepong on the 3rd of February. It has been a long time for not joining blogger gathering.

Of course, blogger gathering is definitely fun! What's more? You can see some lengluis hanging around at there (OK, the guests for this time are mostly Ah-SAHM). Sometimes, free meals. Sometimes, can get to know more bloggers around. Sometimes, can also advertise your blog. Sometimes, can exchange secrets. Sometimes, can see some MMM (Malaysia Man of Mystery/ Manusia Misteri Malaysia) bloggers' faces around.

I didn't join the gathering for a long time. There are many blogger gatherings that I've missed. I was scolded by Jason once because I didn't attend his Midvalley gathering.

Really hope this time will attend. Problems that I'm facing now:
1) No transport.
2) I'm not popular enough. No one knows me. Scare will be ignored.
3) My face will be exposed.
4) I'm still blur around there.
5) Not many lengluis.

Erm... currently 80% will attend, which also means, if I'm really going, I have to really "blog hard, read blogs hard, post comments hard", so that all the bloggers will know about my existence in the blogosphere. Will let you know about my decision later on.

Bloggers who are gonna attend:
Young Brat
zara's mama and family
Leecs, shiaulin and family
1+2mom and family
Twinsmom and family
Loc Kee and family
Egghead and family

Blogger who is not going to come:

Saturday, January 21, 2006

I Hate Preaching (Part 3)

Me : "Hey, how's HELP?"

K : "Nice! Many lengluis around here!"

Me : *blocked him*

That's all. No more K in my life.

5 Stories (Part 1)

Who? : Me & Examiner A
Where? : Drving School
What? : Driving Test for Jalan Raya
When? : 12.55 p.m.

Me : *entered the car* "Selamat sejahtera, encik."

Examiner : "Hmm..."

Me : *tested pedal* *adjust seat* *tighten up seat belt* *tested viper* *tested signal lights and hazard lights* *adjusted front mirror* *adjusted halfway for the sidemirror*

Examiner : "OK, cepat! Jalan! Cepat sikit!"

Me : *stepped accelerating pedal* *released clutch pedal a little bit*

Car : *moved*

Examiner : *marked 'X' at the 'Correct front mirror and side mirrors'*

Me : *wtf!* *saw traffic light turns green* *saw a white borderline box in front of me* *stepped break pedal*

Car : *slowed down*

Examiner : "Cepat sikit!! Kalau takda kereta, jalan terus! Tak yah brek!"

Me : *wtf!*

Not long later, we reached their "man-made roundabout"...

Me : *saw white border line box in front* *stepped break pedal*

Car : *slowed down*

Examiner : "Jalan! Jalan! Jalan! Kalau takda kereta, jalan terus saja! Tak yah break! Haiyoh~~~"

Later on the kampung road...

Me : *driving lousy Kancil at the speed of 55km/h. 3rd gear.*

Examiner : "Jalan cepat sikit! Kasi tekan minyak sampai habis!"

Me : *Mahder, this is kampung road lah wei.* *stepped accelerating pedal until finished*

Examiner : "Ini bukan kelas kali pertama. Kalau ini kelas kali pertama, saya kena ajar awak! Ini ujian! Maksudnya you kena faham bila nak pandu laju!"

Me : *kampung road also have to drive fast?!?!?!*

1.5 km later...

Examiner : "OK, sampai sini pusing."

Me : "Huh?"

Examiner "Pusing lah! Cepat sikit!"

It's just a shortcut to shorten the whole course. But later, as cars kept on coming from behind and left...

Examiner : "OK, jalan."

Me : *released clutch pedal*

Car : *dancing*

Righthand side car : *speeded at the speed of 80km/h*

Examiner : "Apalah lu! Saya suruh bagi tau you keluar cepatsikit, you tak dengar kah?!"

Car : "Maaf tuan."

Examiner : "Maaf-maaf buat apa?! Tak guna mya you maaf."

At last...

Me : *reached destination*

Examiner : *marked marked marked results*

Final result, I passed with my 17/20. This is the worst test I've ever encountered in my life.

Friday, January 20, 2006

Maiden's Prayer

Milly uploaded her Maiden's Prayer on her blog. I thought of uploading my own-played Maiden's Prayer on my blog also. But if I upload it on my blog, the speed will be very very slow. For all, not everyone is gonna listen to what I played, right? So, if you are really interested in my Maiden's Prayer, please proceed to Turn your speaker to medium mode as I don't know that my voice recorder is so that sensitive.

Thursday, January 19, 2006


I won't appear in college tomorrow. I have to attend the driving exam tomorrow. Even today, I've skipped my English tutorial just for attending my last 14th-hour-driving-lesson. I doubt the teacher won't scold me. But what to do. The English tutorial is my opportunity cost mah.

So, this week, I thought I could meet Jovin (a silent blogreader of mine, whom I don't know) at our lecture, what a small world, but turn out not. I also don't know that there are college students who read my bullsheet blog. I even don't know how long he has read my blog. Hey Jovin, if tomorrow the lecturer asks about my existence (although I don't know you, and you also don't know me), just tell her that Kiasi is not here.

Today I went for the driving lesson. At last, I managed to overtake 2 vehicles (1 lorry and another 1 is "L" Kancil). I also managed to break my 60km/h record.

Still thinking whether want to switch group or not. I'm curently in Group 4. And my team members, I wanna curse them marn. The worst group combination I've ever seen. My team now consists of 6 members, including me. Now, it's really like cowdung. 2 members are couples (which means they are pak-toh-ing). I'm not disagree with the couple things like that, but that just too annoys me. Eg,

Teacher : *teaching*
Boy : *looking at girl*
Girl : "Why are you looking at me?"
Boy : "I love you with all of my heart."
Girl : "I love you too."
Boy : "I love you."
Girl : "Oh, yeah. Just now the teacher taught us that the graph will be grow outwards. Why ah?"
Boy : "Oh... It should be like that. If...bla bla bla... then...bla bla bla..."
*5 minutes later*
Boy : "Eh? Where the teacher talk until ah?"
Me : *-_-"*

The 3rd member...

Me : "What topic do you want to do for our assignment ah?"
3rd member : "Er... ca...can... you spe.. speak... mandelin ah?"
Me : "Wo ke yi jiang hua yu. (I can speak Chinese)"

In fact, I think all my team members converse in Chinese the most, and can't speak eloquent English. It's not a problem with me, but I think that will be problem to them more. Serious! If my team members are having problem, I will think that I'm also having problem with them. So, I'm also thinking to change to another group. Perhaps Group 1 will be quite ok as I know there's a girl who is quite cute whom I always look at. Furthermore, I believe students at Group 1 are more competative and more clever to coorperate with. The only thing that I don't like is, Monday tutorial will start at 8, which I have to wake up at 6, with my mother grumbling being lazy to wake up so that early in the morning. Haihz... still thinking how now.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I don't know why...

I don't know why they take my name as a girl's name and led me to the group 4 for Accounting Group. (Group 4 is the worst group among the Accounting Group)

I don't know why some girls at TARC wear short jeans to college and still sit behind the lecture hall. (FYI, the more behind the lecture hall, the higher the seats are. And the students who sit in front of them can to look at their ******* clearly by just twisting their heads behind. I don't do that, because I sit too in front already)

I don't know why statistics, which I master in, made me fall asleep.

I don't know why college's BM level is between PMR and UPSR.

I don't know why the noodle seller in TARC's Canteen 2 put "Dang Gui", "Ji Zi" and Sengkuang in the noodles.

I don't know why Chua's Catering at TARC Canteen 2 only gave me a small piece of fried chicken when I request for it.

I don't know why Chua's Catering at TARC Canteen 2 gave me a mud-stuffed lalas.

I don't know why the "yum yum park" at TARC is filled with couples to feed those mosquitoes.

I don't know why I can't log in to their e-learning system with my password.

I don't know how come Milly can see me.

I don't know how come got lecturemate reads my blog.

I don't know why no girls go after me. *get rotten eggs and throw at me*

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Let's see how many IMs I have:

1) Trillian (My Trustworthy IM)
2) Window Live Messenger Beta Version
3) MSN Messenger 7.5
4) Yahoo Messenger
5) Google Talk
6) Skype
7) Hey!
8) Gizmo
9) AIM
10) ICQ

Anymore? Please let me know if I missed out any, so that I can download and add on to my list :P

Monday, January 16, 2006

My School Magazine

***advertisement time***

I'll be back to my "I Hate Preaching! (Part 3)" post after this.

How many times must I complain my ex-school editorial board sucks a lot?

First, a non-editorial board member was tok-king at my back, and the teacher together with the editor hunted me down and fired me. And the non-editorial board member was promoted to the sub-editor.

Second, they didn't give me any job, and yet, they still told the others I am a lousy member.

Third, I see the way they operate things, sucks. Not systematic at all.

Forth, cronies there are more well recognized than the members.

Fifth, last year editorial board noobs are not well armed as a member. A guy who has a digital camera can just become a member just like that.

Sixth, school students this year still haven't recieve the school magazine.

Seventh, they spend most of the time in the editorial board room to lepak when they were having subjects that they don't like, and the editor just let them be.

Eighth, boys flirt more than they work. They will call bunches of girls to work with them.

Ninth, editor didn't read my idea which I proposed on my mail and just forwarded to others and as if as it was a normal "junk, sukak-sukak,-forwarded-mail".

Tenth, I passed our chess-society-photo money to the editor to order 6 photos of the chess society for my members and the editor told me to wait for few weeks. I've waited for few months, until before the SPM period, I asked him once where are those photos. He told me that he will find the person-in-charge, and call me to wait for few more days. 1.5 months after SPM, I asked him last week once again, "Where are those photos?", and he told me he is not in charge of it anymore. He has quitted 2 months before SPM. I asked him, "Then I should reimburse those money back to my members lah?", which he replied, "Yes." Now, I felt cheated to use back my own money (RM12) to pay back my students and also apologizes for not getting them their photos.

I want to bitch!! What kind of editorial board is that?!?! Worse than LameCockWank UC.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

I hate preaching! (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1...

[22:10] K: u confrim go to TAR?
[22:10] Me: maybe, but not confirmed
[22:10] Me: maybe Taylor
[22:10] Me: maybe Inti
[22:10] Me: maybe Sunway
[22:10] K: wat bout HELP (1st preaching)
[22:10] K: there business also not bad
[22:11] K: Ice is goin there (2nd preaching)
[22:11] K: to study law
[22:11] Me: I thought of going to australia, but no money
[22:11] Me: yeah
[22:11] Me: law is very suit for her
[22:11] K: ya
[22:11] K: But u should consider HELP also (3rd preaching)
[22:12] K: not necceary u go HELP, must go to Australia
[22:12] K: still can go UK or US
[22:13] K: because a level is well recognized internationally
[22:13] Me: UK and US are the matter of costs of living
[22:13] K: i knoe
[22:13] K: but u wanna study where for degree?
[22:14] Me: thought of Melbourne
[22:14] K: can also wat, HELP also can go there (4th preaching)
[22:14] K: can go anywhere, of course except local U
[22:16] K: but my second cousin from HELP also went there to study medical
[22:17] K: he is one of the top in HELP (5th preaching)
[22:17] K: if u look throught HELP brochure, u will see his face
[22:18] Me: what name?
[22:18] K: Jason Leong (I didn't see his face also)
[22:19] K: check it out
[22:20] Me: wait
[22:23] K: wong choong hann also from HELP (6th preaching)
[22:23] K: also top scorer
[22:23] Me : Yeah, top scorer in badminton
[22:23] Me : no wonder ended up as a badminton player
[22:24] K: u f__k lah (Censored. He really swore)
[22:24] Me: :P:P:P
[22:24] K: dont insult hELP
[22:24] K: otherwise adeline gonna slap u
[22:25] K: i will tell adeline
[22:36] Me: but WHAT I think about HELP is, they are much better than the Lame Cock Wank University lah
[22:36] K: duh
[22:37] K: n far better than sunway n taylor (insulting other colleges without knowing much about them)
[22:37] Me: I want to go Harvard also one
[22:37] K: those r only meant for rich n LanCiLanYong people
[22:37] Me: but, no college offers that twinning programme
[22:38] K: Hahah HELP also can go (7th preaching)
[22:38] Me: but tat one u can go if u score 10 a1 in spm , n being offered scholarship
[22:41] Me: my dream is to study in MIT
[22:42] Me : At HELP
Examination 20%
Assignment 1 - 30%
Assignment 2 - 50%
Total - 100%
[22:43] Me: you want me to die ah?
[22:43] K: hahah
[22:43] K: lagi nice
[22:43] K: assignment will be intersting
[22:43] K: i prefer like tat
[22:43] K: assignment more important than exam
[22:44] K: but that MIT is hard to go in
[22:45] K: but if i offer a place there, i will go, even if i got offer from oxford or cambridge
[22:46] Me: ic
[22:46] Me: no lah
[22:46] Me: for engineering
[22:46] Me: Imperial King College
[22:47] K: where?
[22:47] Alphonso Tan --- "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown: UK
[22:48] K: no. wat in the world?
[22:48] K: MIT no. 2
[22:48] Me: 3rd
[22:48] K: harvard no.1
[22:48] K: cool
[22:48] K: can be considered
[22:49] Me: you mean world izzit?
[22:49] Me: cheh
[22:49] Me: wait
[22:50] Me: 23rd
[22:50] Me: but they are expert in engineering
[22:50] K: ok, can be considered
[22:50] K: the prob is, is it reconised in malaysia
[22:50] K: ?
[22:50] Me: Woi!
[22:50] Me: you take a Harvard degree come back
[22:51] Me: and see if it is recognized in Malaysia anot
[22:51] K: harvard of course lah
[22:51] K: but wat bout imperial?
[22:51] Me: then yalah
[22:51] Me: harvard is recognized bcoz it is the best
[22:51] Me: and this applies to Imperial, bcoz it is also the best in engineering
[22:52] K: wait a minute, its imperial college right?
[22:52] K: Tat means it is a college only?
[22:52] K: it is not like lame cock wank, ok?
[22:52] K: lame cock wank is a university?
[22:53] Me:
[22:53] K: university college
[22:53] K: same like HELP (8th preaching)
[22:53] K: Taylors n sunway only college
[22:53] Me: Imperial's standard is much higher than our local UM lah
[22:53] Me: They don't need to be so glamour about their name one
[22:54] K: lol
[22:54] K: but Taylors, Sunway and Inti too far lah
[22:54] K: in subang
[22:54] K: dah lah got jam
[22:54] K: HELP nearer (9th preaching)
[22:55] K: better stick with HELP
[22:55] K: i tell u wat
[22:56] K: one day, go to HELP n look around its building (10th preaching)
[22:56] K: since u demm free now
[22:56] K: better than go to edu fair
[22:56] Me: go edu fair go free gifts
[22:57] K: just for tat?
[22:57] K: f__k u lah (Censored. He really swore)
[22:57] K: i got plenty
[22:57] K: in the pass two years i been so many times
[22:57] Me: wait
[22:58] Me: let me calculate the fees
[22:59] K: HELP?
[22:59] K: only 18k
[22:59] Me: foundation?
[22:59] K: a level
[22:59] Me: knn
[22:59] Me: so expensive. I need a foundation lah
[22:59] K: ooo, u goin to diploma?
[22:59] K: hmm......
[22:59] K: let me check
[23:01] Me : Help me to find about the sekolahshit also
[23:06] K: about 10k to 16k
[23:08] K: scholarship ?
[23:09] K: u will get one if u score 8 a1 to straight a1
[23:09] K: if u got straight a1, u will have full scholarship
[23:10] K: Ice got full schorship based on her trial exam result
[23:10] Me: but must based on the real SPM. Right?
[23:10] K: lol
[23:10] K: HELP can based on trail
[23:10] K: u dont believe, ask adeline
[23:11] K: but also spm
[23:12] K: she got full schorship
[23:12] Me: she got straight As?
[23:12] K: not really, but she did apply, n she got it, maybe depend on her ko kurikulum
[23:12] K: she got 7a1
[23:13] K: n she get it
[23:14] Me: how she got it?
[23:14] Me: she 7A1s
[23:14] K: apply lah
[23:15] K: but she did mention tat she got it cause its miracle
[23:15] Me: nope
[23:15] Me: HELP is not specialize in accounting
[23:15] Me: so, maybe not
[23:15] K: she is takin law
[23:15] K: n tats wat is HELP specialise at (11th preaching. For K, HELP specializes in every field.)
[23:16] K: so, its a miracle she got it
[23:16] K: but i told her tat she got it based on her ko kurikulum
[23:16] K: prefect
[23:16] K: debating
[23:16] Me: nvm
[23:17] Me: I'm not interested in her case
[23:17] Me: so, nvm
[23:17] K: ahem
[23:17] K: did i mention it?
[23:17] K: perasaan?
[23:17] K: oh, now i knoe
[23:17] K: u like her
[23:17] Me: then nvm
[23:17] K: lol
[23:18] K: ask her more bout HELP lah
[23:18] Me: no need lah
[23:18] Me: because I want to take ACCA, which HELP doesn't offer that.

This conversation makes me have a negative statement towards HELP and him (just because he humiliated me). I just don't understand why people like to preach? Can he go to heaven after preaching me? Can he get anything after preaching me? I can't see anything. Those people who really knows me, they will know that I use to do things by myself. Even until now. Although I have bunch of new friends in college, I still tend to walk alone, go canteen and have my lunch by myself, go to the library by myself, enter out CITC room by myself. I'm not easily being brainwashed.

I don't know what is so good about HELP. At least, I feel that TARC is good. I came from a lousy secondary school, with only 3 toilet cubicles open for every gender and terrible toilet walls with full of shits, tasteless fried rice, air-condless library, school without a hall... So, maybe I don't need a good environment or facilities for me to suit with them. I don't care about the building structure, as long as those buildings are not built by ataps.

I don't know what is so good about HELP. And I don't know that HELP can be expert in so many subjects. Law, business studies and A Level. And if I told him I want to take up other subjects like mass com, interior designs, beauty course, animations, I believe this guy will also say, "Nevermind, HELP is also good in these subjects." For what I know, I think Brickfield Asia College is the one which experts in Law (although not famous, and the college is very very small). And for business studies, Taylor will be quite alright. A Level, you can really get what you want. For A Level now, you can demand exemption for General Paper, you can still mix science and arts & humanities subjects together.

Studying HELP just because of Wong Choon Hann? WAKE UP!!! No one is interested in that college just because Wong Choon Hann studied at there before. First, because HELP doesn't offer "badminton course", and second I don't want to be a badminton player. But if he persuades me to take Business Studies at Columbia Business School just because Warren Buffett studied at there before, I will have a second thought.

HELP? Too far away from my house. And secondly, I don't want to see unnecessary idiot study ingwith me.

As what I always believe, not every college and every university are the same. Some colleges tend to expertise in some certain subjects. If you want to study E&E and computer science, I beliebe MMU is a good choice in Malaysia. If you want to study Accounting in Malaysia, Sunway TES University College, Institute of Perkim Goon and TAR College are a wiser choice, at least they obtain ACCA Premier Plus Status. Medicine? I think USM and UM are not bad though. For graphic designs, I believe One Academic is popular for that. So, how can a college experts in almost every subjects like A Level, Law and Business Studies together? Even Harvard University specializes for her economics only.

And this boy, I told him to preach at Emilie's post. He commented at there and even led her to erroneous statements.

So, one last time, sorry for me to say that I won't choose HELP anymore. Au revoir!

to be continue...

Friday, January 13, 2006

I hate preaching! (Part 1)

Once again, I hate preaching. Especially preacing with only boast about themselves, don't care about the others and don't even know anything about the others!

It was a busy moment before I enrolled into TAR College. So, one free midnight, while I was onlined, I met some other friends on my instant messenger list. And that's the moment when war nearly broke out.

I was having 2 choices in my mind at that moment : Accounting or Engineering. No doubt, I used to score well in Physics, Maths and Additional Maths (I'm not blowing my own trumpet, ok?) and that's why many of my friends, or even enemies thought that I would take Engineering Course in College or University. But before I proceed, let me list out the pros and cons between both once again:

Engineering (Pros):
1) I'm good in Physics, Maths and Additional Maths
2) Well paid for fress graduates. I think can get around RM2700 (depends on what field) for new-grad engineer.
3) Creative minded
4) Good paid as I going on and switching job is not a need.

Engineering (Cons):
1) Will take up 5 years for some courses (including foundation)
2) I will be engineer for my entire life. Not many chances to be promoted. The most can become General Manager, but chances are very much limited.
3) If go UTAR to get a Degree, or go UK (RM30k for 14 weeks) to get a Degree, or stay local to do MA or MBA (once again, add another 1 to 2 years for MA/MBA).
4) Even so, certificates are difficult to be recognized in overseas.
5) Is one-fielded (eg, chemical engineer cannot become aerodynamical engineer).
6) Not every field/company need engineers.
7) Most of the engineers' blogs are more to evil side.
8) Physical works are more than non-physical works.
9) Engineers in Malaysia are far too many, and yet they still can't even produce a good national car.
10) Tend to be outdated in some fields. Eg, E&E engineers will spend most of the time to update themselves for the latest info. Or who knows, when this world finds another field to eliminate and dispute E&E.

Accounting (Pros):
1) Every field, every company needs accountants.
2) Experience is the key. The more experience I am, the higher salary I will be paid.
3) Can travel overseas sometimes.
4) Spend more time in the office under the air-cond. No physical work required.
5) Get promoted fast, skyrocketing salary, and most of the GM places will be waiting for me. (I'm day-dreaming)
6) Great demading from the society.
7) Certificates like ACCA and CIMA are definitely weight much heavier than Degree. World recognized also.

Accounting (Cons):
1) I'm still fresh to it. I don't have any accounting basic (I was very blur when I study accounting during Form2).
2) Fresh-grad are not as highly paid as engineer. I think can get only the most RM2200. (But since I've said already, experience in this field is the key.)
3) Many accountants around.
4) Will be spending most of my time figuring out dirty tricks.

*will add mroe, if I think get any*

One of my friend, Q, whose trial results are worse than mine (I obtained 9As, he obtained 6As), trying very hard to persuade me to join engineering.

[23:24] Me: I want to take up accounting
[23:24] Me: and want to become CEO
[23:24] K: no fortune lah (1)
[23:34] Me :*tulaned*
[23:24] Me: then operate my own business
[23:24] K: ceh
[23:24] K: u think easy meh
[23:24] K: dont aim too high
[23:24] K: tats depends on ur ability (2)
[23:25] K: not ur education
[23:25] Me: what do you think?
[23:25] Me: maybe only mah
[23:25] K: CEO must well u take business
[23:25] Me: business?
[23:26] Me: if fall once, then my whole life become salesman lah?
[23:26] K: told ya
[23:26] K: all depend on ur ability
[23:27] K: if i were u, i will take up engineering, maybe chemical
[23:27] K:then i take MBA
[23:27] Me: chemical?
[23:27] Me: no thanks
[23:27] Me: want me to die early ah?
[23:28] K: in the end, i still ended up as CEO of big chemical company
[23:28] Me: I'm not desperate for the Nobel Prize
[23:28] K: soh hai
[23:28] Me : *tulaned once again*
[23:28] K: tats just an example
[23:28] Me: how many chemical companies are there around the world?
[23:28] K: i told u
[23:28] K: just as example only
[23:29] K: the president of nissan is a chemical engineer
[23:29] K: he bring up nissan from zero to hero (3)
[23:29] K: or bettter
[23:29] Me: I don't care who he is
[23:30] K: I will take somethin else i will be specialize at
[23:30] Me: hey
[23:30] K: then only i will take business
[23:30] K: soh hai
[23:30] Me : *@%#$@%#$%@*
[23:30] Me: do you actually know what ACCA is? (4)
[23:30] K: ceh
[23:31] K: just sit in the office doin accounting, then can become accounting manager, goyang kaki in the office n get a lot of money
[23:31] K: so boring
[23:31] K: i prefer experiment n outing
[23:31] K: more adventurous
[23:31] Me: I wanna save my life
[23:31] Me: I wanna take care of my family
[23:32] Me: I wanna enjoy
[23:32] Me: no need outing so much (5)
[23:32] K: boring
[23:32] K: outing in enjoying
[23:32] Me: don't need to promote engineering for me
[23:32] K: just wanna tell u
[23:32] Me: You are just calling a doctor to become a beggar
[23:32] Me: :P
[23:33] K: cause u have bigger potential tahn me to be an engineer
[23:33] K: ur physics n add maths are better than me (6)
[23:34] K: n actually u r more intelligent than our physic tuition teacher
[23:34] K: think rationally
[23:35] K: accounting brings u no where but end up as f__cker (7)
[23.35] Me : *very tulaned*
[23:36] Me: so,
[23:36] Me: next time
[23:36] Me: you operate a company
[23:37] Me: don't hire any accountant

(1) Accountants have no fortune? Then what are accountants for? Just writing history?

(2) Depends on ability, but not education? Any job only depends on education, and also highly paid, and also easy-go-lucky type?

(3) Once in a blue moon. That also can't make it to Top 10. Has he ever figured out that most of the richest man took up business studies instead of angineering?

(4) Different perception towards ACCA.

(5) For me, working is working, enjoying is enjoying. I wane to make a border between both.

(6) I've encountered this before. Once, I went to a college Engineering Faculty's counter. I told the receptionist, "Miss, I'm a bronze medalist for the Physics Olympiad and also the best student in Add Maths quiz for the distraict level. Do you think..." And the receptionist intercepted my word, "Oh, then you should join Engineering!!" Everyone will think that students who excel in Physics and Add Maths should do engineering just because we think that they are really talented. But will anyone thought of talented Accountants, Stock Investors, General Managers?

(7) In the real conversations, he did really use "that-word". I have to censor it for some purposes.

to be continue...

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


At college...

Library guide : "OK, this is our photostating machine *point point photostating machine*. You can photostate your books at here, but providing you must have a photostating card."

We : *blur blur* "What is photostating card?"

Library guide : "Photostating card is a card which is something like reload card. One card is RM8 or also equivalent to 100 sheets, and you can get those cards from that counter." *point counter*

Me :"Wuah... so many procedures."

Me & Gary : *walked to the counter*

Gary : "Cik, nak beli 'photostating card'."

Counter girl : "Nak berapa?"

Gary : "Satu lah. Satu berapa?"

Counter girl : "RM6"

Gary : "OK." *passed counter girl RM6"

Counter girl : *passed Gary photostating card*

Me : "Kasi saya dua."

Counter girl : *passed 2 photostating cards* "RM12. Dulu jual RM8 satu keping. Tapi kolej kata bulan ini ada offer RM2."

Me : "Oh... Itu offer kan, satu bulan sekali ke, atau satu minggu sekali?"

Gary : "Are you an idiot?"

Me : :P:b

Counter girl : "Hehe..."

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Very Short Review For Fish Burger

"Slow food" is always much better.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why No Bloggers Blog About KFC's Fish Burger One?

I watched the KFC advertisement few days ago. I knew they wanna came out their new Fish Burger idea. Hence, I went to KFC today.

The Fish Burger set (Fish burger, Carbonate Drink, and Potato Wedges) was sold at RM8.85 (if I'm not mistaken). I didn't order it as it was more expensive than my "2 chickens, coleslaw, whipped potato, and a bun" by 5 cents (not including tax). Thus, I decided to try it on other day, and see about the comments from dear bloggers.

However, I came back, and waited for the full day at PPS, hoping someone will blog about their 140mm Fish Burger. But it turns out to no one. Looks like I'll be going back to KFC tomorrow JUST to try out their Fish Burger.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Hang Zhou

I went to Hang Zhou once. A 3 days 2 nights trip.

I will only focus on HangZhou as I personally feel that it is the best among the China destinations. I wouldn't want to criticize anything about China. So, this post is only about the pros of China.

Hangzhou, which is famous for many things. From "Dragon-Well Tea", to the legend of "Lady White Snake", from the "Song City" to "Xi Hu" and the tales of "The Butterfly Lover". Midi for the butterfly lover, click here. If you want a very much nicer version, let me know.

As I don't know how to appreciate tea, so, I wouldn't want to comment anything about the tea.

I've forgotten the legen of "Lady White Snake", but as what I know, the monk is evil.

"The Butterfly Lovers" is a story where a girl who named Zhu Ying Tai, disguised in a form of a man, went to study at the Dong Lin School. After that, she fell in love in a guy who named Liang Shan Bo. After that she tried her best to hint Liang she is actually a girl and she loves him. But Liang is a nerd, he didn't know anything. Until Zhu's parents urged Zhu to go back to her home. She missed Liang and told Liang about her feeling towards him. Zhu's parents splited them and Liang fell sick and died. So, when Zhu was on the way back to her home, she passed by Liang's grave. The weather changed suddenly. Strong wind and Heavy downpour occured. The grave opened and she jumped into it. After that, the weather changed back to normal. And 2 butterflies appears at the grave and flew away together. We passed by the Dong Lin School, and also crossed the "Chang Qiao (Long Bridge)" which is only about 10 metres, and that's where they paktoh from the morning until evening. Sound so foolish. OK, no criticizing.

But after we passed by the Dong Lin School...

Me : "Oh... this is the school where the couples studied here before."
Tour Guide : "Yeah. This is."
Me : "So, where's their grave ah?"
Tour Guide : *LOL "Don't know."

Xi Hu is nice. But I think it has already been described by Rojaks once before. And then, if you go to Xu Hu during the Mooncake Festival, you can see altogether 33 moons. I still remember how.

Song Cheng. The city of the olden Song Dynasty. It is actually a heritage where you can get the atmosphere of the Song Dynasty. Staffs in it are wearing those traditional clothes, buildings and structures are based on ancient Song Dynasty style. Very nice. There is also fortress and visitors can climb on top of it.

Tour Guide : "At here, you can find anything you want from the olden days. How they weight your weight, how those soldiers wear, the building of the "Chinese 4 Greatest Inventions", toilets, restaurants... bla bla bla... everything is based on the ancient Sung Dynasty structure."
We : "OK" *walked for 4 hours*
Tour Guide : *lined up for 4 hours to buy the show tickets for us*

4 hours later...

Tour Guide : "Enjoy your trip?"
Me : "Nice. But still couldn't find one building."
Tour Guide : "What building?"
Me : "The courtesan house."
Everyone : *LOL*
Tour Guide : *ROTF* "You so small, want to go to courtesan house ah?"

And in the Song City, I like the show very much. There's man-made waterfall, horses cross on top of the stage. And not to forget, girls in lingeries!!! Woohoo!!!

Oh yeah, there's one poem at Hangzhou which I remember very much:

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Floodng PPS With Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

I just can't wait to be the first very few to flood on PPS.