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Thursday, January 26, 2006


I was riding on the Putra coach today. I took a place and sat down. I saw an ant craling on my bag. Being decided to be nice for that day, I relocated the ant back to the window safely. Ant is still a life.

Business students are always nice. They don't fight against the God's will :P They don't simply kill animals as their guinea-pig :P They don't create some names and concepts that confuse people. Seriously. What is fixed, is fixed.

OK, back to the topic. Ants are without brains. They work diligently, but at the end, they still don't know what are they working for. They don't have brains, and that's why they work. They don't have brain, but they are still smarter than some people who just know how to enjoy, but didn't realize how poor are they. Sigh, but pathetic.

Crapping post again.


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