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Thursday, January 19, 2006


I won't appear in college tomorrow. I have to attend the driving exam tomorrow. Even today, I've skipped my English tutorial just for attending my last 14th-hour-driving-lesson. I doubt the teacher won't scold me. But what to do. The English tutorial is my opportunity cost mah.

So, this week, I thought I could meet Jovin (a silent blogreader of mine, whom I don't know) at our lecture, what a small world, but turn out not. I also don't know that there are college students who read my bullsheet blog. I even don't know how long he has read my blog. Hey Jovin, if tomorrow the lecturer asks about my existence (although I don't know you, and you also don't know me), just tell her that Kiasi is not here.

Today I went for the driving lesson. At last, I managed to overtake 2 vehicles (1 lorry and another 1 is "L" Kancil). I also managed to break my 60km/h record.

Still thinking whether want to switch group or not. I'm curently in Group 4. And my team members, I wanna curse them marn. The worst group combination I've ever seen. My team now consists of 6 members, including me. Now, it's really like cowdung. 2 members are couples (which means they are pak-toh-ing). I'm not disagree with the couple things like that, but that just too annoys me. Eg,

Teacher : *teaching*
Boy : *looking at girl*
Girl : "Why are you looking at me?"
Boy : "I love you with all of my heart."
Girl : "I love you too."
Boy : "I love you."
Girl : "Oh, yeah. Just now the teacher taught us that the graph will be grow outwards. Why ah?"
Boy : "Oh... It should be like that. If...bla bla bla... then...bla bla bla..."
*5 minutes later*
Boy : "Eh? Where the teacher talk until ah?"
Me : *-_-"*

The 3rd member...

Me : "What topic do you want to do for our assignment ah?"
3rd member : "Er... ca...can... you spe.. speak... mandelin ah?"
Me : "Wo ke yi jiang hua yu. (I can speak Chinese)"

In fact, I think all my team members converse in Chinese the most, and can't speak eloquent English. It's not a problem with me, but I think that will be problem to them more. Serious! If my team members are having problem, I will think that I'm also having problem with them. So, I'm also thinking to change to another group. Perhaps Group 1 will be quite ok as I know there's a girl who is quite cute whom I always look at. Furthermore, I believe students at Group 1 are more competative and more clever to coorperate with. The only thing that I don't like is, Monday tutorial will start at 8, which I have to wake up at 6, with my mother grumbling being lazy to wake up so that early in the morning. Haihz... still thinking how now.


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